Springtime Crafts for Children

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child-paintAccording to the groundhog, Spring is just around the corner!  And, I, for one, couldn’t be happier!  I am so ready for sunny, warm days with flowers to smell and pick!
Here are a few of my favorite spring time crafts to do with the kids.
 1. Flowers 
Items Needed: construction paper, green pipe cleaners, glue, cupcake liners (pastel colors) of different sizes, fake leaves, crayons
Draw a basic flower shape on the construction paper (stem with circle at the top).  Glue the green pipe cleaners onto the stem.  Glue a large cupcake liner of one color onto the circle.  Inside the larger cupcake liner glue a smaller cupcake liner of a different color.  Glue the fake leaves to the stem of the flower.  You can color grass, the sun, the sky, etc. on your picture as well.
2. Windsock
Items Needed: construction paper, crepe paper streamers, crayons, string, tape, stickers (optional), scissors
Have kids decorate construction paper by coloring on it or with stickers.  Form a cylinder and tape together.  Attach string with tape to one end of cylinder.  Cut long pieces of crepe paper to form streamers.  Attach with tape to the end of the cylinder without the string.  Hang up to enjoy!
3.  Umbrella with raindrops
Items Needed: umbrella template (print here), crayons, blue paint, paper plate (to put paint on), wipes (for clean up)
Have kids color the umbrella.  Talk about the weather being rainy and that God brings rain to replenish the earth.  Put a little blue paint on a paper plate and dip your child’s finger in it.  Make raindrops with your child’s painted finger around the picture.
 4. Paper Plate Sunshine
Items Needed: paper plate, pieces of orange and yellow tissue paper, glue, string, tape
Glue tissue paper to paper plate.  Tape string to back of paper plate and hang up for sunshine anytime!
 5. Watercolor Painting
Items Needed: paper, watercolor paint, cup of water, brush
Simply give your child a blank piece of paper and the watercolors and let them make a masterpiece!

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