Teacher's Tools: Lord's Prayer Activities

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young-child-ready-to-learnTeaching the Lord’s prayer? Remember that teaching time for kids should include a bit of fun! If you’re looking for some Lord’s prayer activities, you can’t beat these ideas. Choose one or two or use them all! Introducing activities into a lesson gives children the opportunity to activate their faith on what they’ve learned.
Write it in the sky! If you have a class full of kids who can spell, this is a fun game. (Even kids that are learning to spell would enjoy it.) Recite the Lord’s prayer one word or sentence at a time. Ask kids to stand and write the words in the air as they repeat them back. Really have fun with it! Say something like, “Oh no! I see some misspelled words! Let’s start over!”
Play index card scramble. Before the class, write the Lord’s prayer on index cards, one word or sentence at a time. You’ll need several sets, according to how many groups of children you plan to use. Divide up your class and hand them the cards. (Make sure they are mixed up.) Give them the signal to go and see who can assemble the Lord’s prayer on the carpet or a table the fastest!
Improv the prayer. I have a bunch of “hams” in my class and they love to improv. Divide your kids into pairs or small groups. Assign each group a section of the prayer. Give them 60 seconds to decide how they’ll act out their section. The group should use everyone–no one should be left out. Then you read the prayer and kids run up to act out their portion. It’s fun! You could swap the cards around and keep going for even more fun. If you have puppets, you could allow the kids to use the puppets to demonstrate the prayer.
I hope you love these ideas as much as I did. Getting kids involved in learning about the Lord is never wrong!
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