Transformed Object Lesson — with S'mores!

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S'mores object lesson for kids
My teaching style leans toward the classical type, teaching Bible stories and talking about the Bible’s characters; however, I love bringing the gospel to life using popular characters in pop culture. I find inspiration everywhere and make it my own. For example, one year when SpongeBob first appeared on the screen, I recorded his “I’m ready, I’m ready,” episode and brought it to class. I showed a one minute clip of the yellow sponge running in circles exclaiming he was ready. Then we talked about if we we’re ready – that’s ready to see Jesus!
After leading a group of children to the Lord, we all ran around the room shouting, “I’m ready, I’m ready.” That was a fun day!
The past five years, my children’s ministry has been inundated with Transformers. I can’t say I know all the characters but I get the “gist” of what’s happening. Vehicles like cars, trucks and airplanes, transform into powerful, robots to save mankind. They transform.
The transformation idea inspired me to talk to kids about real transformation. I used a s’more object lesson to demonstrate how God transforms us into something sweet and wonderful.
From cracker to s’more, it was a simple idea. I have a mini s’more maker, which I love. I brought it to class along with the ingredients.
I showed everyone a graham cracker and said, “This is you. You were born just a plain cracker like everyone else, but then one day, someone told you about sweet Jesus.” I show the kids the Hershey’s bar. I place it on top of the cracker. I put them both the s’more maker. (If you don’t have one, use a microwave safe plate. It works fine!)
I show the kids a marshmallow. I hold the marshmallow up first and squeeze gently. I say, “This marshmallow is like your heart. It heard about Jesus now it is soft and squishy. Your heart wants Jesus to come live inside.” The marshmallow goes on top  of the cracker and the candy bar pieces.
Then I place the last cracker on top and place the s’more machine in the microwave. I melt the goodies together for 20 seconds and tell them this microwave was like our prayer. We invite God inside and in a few seconds, everything changes.
Show kids the s’more and compare it to the plain cracker. Ask them which one they want to be. A plain, lifeless cracker or a ooey-gooey, delicious s’more for God! Then ask them which one they are currently. Lead children in the sinner’s pray then enjoy a sweet treat. God truly transforms us into something sweet.
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