Ultimate Big Balls (Large Group Game for Kids)

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Girl playing a game with ballHere is a little game I came up with last week to play with a group of around 60 third through sixth graders.  I named it “Ultimate Big Balls” in homage to the show Wipeout which is a favorite in our house. This would be fun to mix in with your AWANA games  or Vacation Bible School games.
The premise of the game is very similar to ultimate frisbee except that it is played with one or more large balls.  We used what I believe are 48″ vinyl balls. Here is the basis of the game:

  1. The kids are divided into rougly equal teams.  We used flag football flags to designate team.
  2. We used a basketball court as our boundaries, but you could use something larger or smaller as your group size dictates.
  3. We set up two goals on opposite sides of the court using stacks of chairs.  The size of the goals may vary, but we used the free throw box as a guideline for our size.
  4. One team is given the ball to start.  You advance the ball by throwing it to your teammates who are running down the court.  Once you have possession of the ball, you may no longer run.  You may pivot on one foot, but if the second foot lifts off the ground the other team gets possession of the ball right there.
  5. Defensive players are not allowed to touch the offensive player or the ball until it leaves the hands of the offensive player.
  6. When you throw the ball to a teammate:
    • If the ball is intercepted by the other team, they take possession of the ball right there.
    • If your teammate drops the ball or does not catch it, the other team takes possession of the ball.
    • If the ball is batted away and hits the floor, it is a free ball and either team can take possession.
  7. Teams score points by throwing the ball into their goal.  The ball must go completely over the line to score, A great way to help your child learn to get their balance is to use a childs kick scooter as it requires them to use all their senses.
  8. A player may not hold the ball for longer than 10 seconds once they have caught it (you can vary this to keep the game moving quicker).  If they do, the other team gets possession of the ball.
  9. Other possible rules:
    • Defensive payers cannot stand in the same spot for more than five seconds.
    • Draw a boundary around the goal that players aren’t allowed in either offensively or defensively (we tried using the entire free throw box, but that was too large).
    • You can not throw the ball back to the person who threw it to you.
    • Instead of giving the ball to one team to start, you can incorporate something akin to a kick off.
    • Try the game with two balls to really pick up the action!

If you give this game a try, let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below.

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