3 Bible Crafts Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is one of those cultural holiday’s in the United States that is getting harder to overlook. But Christians have so much to say about real love, I think it’s a great time to use a special craft or lesson in your Sunday School. With all these crafts, you should join them into a relevant Bible lesson about love. Valentine’s Day is a great chance to point kids back to God’s great love for us in the Gospel. Here are three video demonstrations from Cullen’s Abc’s that will help you plan a great Valentine craft. I really appreciate the way she explains the projects step-by-step.

“Gardening With Love” Valentine Craft

In the video she talks about using this for Mother’s Day, but it would be a perfect multi-week object lesson & craft for Valentine’s Day. I would maybe do it the week before, then send the project home once the grass has begun to sprout.

“Cut Out Heart” Valentine Craft

This is a simple option and won’t need too many extra supplies. Be sure to demonstrate the craft to the children first, so they will know what to do.  After the have the heart shape, they can decorate it or write whatever you like. I might have them write John 3:16 and talk about God’s love for us. They could also write a prayer note to tell God that they love Him.

“Heart Blot Painting” Art Idea

This creative project is a little easier on the supplies, but will be just as fun for your class. It will requires some cleanup, so make sure you have a few extra grown-up helpers around.

For more great videos like these, check out Cullen’s channel on YouTube or her songs and crafts for Valentine’s Day.

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