"WE ARE THANKFUL" Bulletin Board Printable for Kids

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Printable "WE ARE THANKFUL" Bulletin Board
We have a bulletin board in our Jr. Church room that I would like to incorporate into our Thanksgiving lessons. I wanted it to be something that the kids can have input with so I thought of this simple idea that takes little prep. and supplies.
Print out the words/letters that spell out: WE ARE THANKFUL.

Post them on a bulletin board, wall, door, etc.
Let the kids write things that they are thankful for that start with each letter with markers. For example: T-toys, H-happiness, A-apple trees, etc. Let them work together as a class to come up with various ideas for each letter.
Then let the kids decorate with markers, stickers, etc. to make it their own. Each week, you can have the kids add more things that they are thankful for.
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