"We Are Thankful For Our Church" Paper Chain Idea for Kids

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"We Are Thankful For Our Church" Paper Chain Idea for Kids
My students love to make things. They love to cut, color, glue, staple, anything that is active. They also like to learn names of people in the church and talk about who they are and what they know about them. This activity is great for all of that.
On Sunday, we are going to make a We Are Thankful For Our Church paper chain. I am going to cut out strips of construction paper in Fall colors. On each slip, I am going to write the name of a family in our church. Each family will be represented. Then I will lay out the strips of papers on the table for the kids to decorate with stickers and markers. Once they are done decorating, we are going to attach the strips of paper together as a chain making sure that the names are on the outside of the strips so they can be seen. We will then string the chain around the Fellowship Hall so that everyone can see! The kids are going to love it and I think the congregation will like seeing their names as a part of the chain.
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