We Miss You Cards & Attendance Sheets for Sunday School

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Sunday School Attendance ChartsIt is so important for us as Sunday School and Children’s Church teachers to keep track of our students. Letting children know that they have been missed tells them that they matter and that they mean something to you and your class. If we aren’t keeping attendance, then it’s difficult to know who is here each week and who has missed. I have created multiple sheets in order to help you keep track of your children’s attendance and information.
Attendance Sheets (download here) These are important for you to take attendance each week. There is space on the right-hand side to write the children’s names and then the dates along the top. The spaces are large enough for children to place small stickers on or just a simple “x” in. There are multiple background pictures to choose from: cross, Jesus praying, church, and baby Jesus.
Child Information Page – This is a paper that you can have the parents fill out for you with all of the information on their child. There are 4 to a page.
Child Information Spreadsheet – This is a form that you can take the information that the parents filled out on the Child Information Page so that you can have all of the children’s information at a glance.
We Miss You Postcards for Children We Miss You Cards (download here) If a child has missed a week or a few weeks, you can print one of these postcards out and mail it to the child. There is one back, but multiple fronts to choose from: dinosaur, chimp, boy & girl, and blank.

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  1. Thank you for all the free story printouts, coloring pages and all the helps.. so much information to help us teach the young ones of Gods GREATNESS. Thanks again,in CHRIST Kristie

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