Books of the Bible Game Idea for Kids

Watch this video to learn a simple game that will help kids review the books of the Bible. Specifically, this game will allow them to practice where books belong in the Bible. The setup is rather simple, all you need is sidewalk chalk and a place to play.

  • Draw two box shapes large enough for all the kids to stand within
  • Label one box “New Testament” and the other “Old Testament”
  • Explain to the kids they should stand in the area that matches the name of the Bible books you are about to say
  • For books not in the Bible they should stand outside both boxes

We would like to hear your opinion about this game. Simply leave a comment below. Be sure to let us know about any improvements or variations you discover. Here is the direct link to our Books of the Bible game on YouTube.

Some more pointers about this Bible game idea.

  • You could draw several boxes for each division of the Bible as they children become more advanced
  • In the winter you could play a similar game using masking tape inside
  • This game works well without competition, but you could add elimination to make things more exciting
  • Here is a song and tips to help with memorizing the Bible books in order.


  1. David says

    Thanks am loving every idea of each game just visited your site today and am so blessed already this game would work for my teaching this August when am doing Vacation bible school with kids in Zimbabwe

  2. Denise says

    I actually used 3 hula hoops. One for Old one for New and the 3rd for not in there. The kids have a lot of fun and they are learning at the same.e time.

  3. says

    Try the online game called Granny’s Bible Dojo. It’s a hilarious and challenging game providing the best experience ever learning the order of the books of the Bible! Players advance through eight levels, from a trainee to Granny Master! They earn fun knickknacks to place in Granny’s curio cabinet and Granny will guide and encourage them all the way. Oh, If players need a little help, tap one of Granny’s chocolate chip fortune cookies to reveal the name of the next book.
    Check it out:

  4. Christie says

    Thanks for the idea. My kids in sunday school (6-8yrs old) learned the books of the Bible by playing musical chairs only I called out the books of the Bible. Learning 5 at a time. They are now tired of that game but will love this one.

  5. eudiah cheruiyot says

    Thanks for great ideas.Am going to use this in the older children class.
    In the sunday school ministry we need new ideas all the time!

  6. yvonne says

    I thought the game was really great. I am going to try this game with my kids at Wednesday bible study

  7. Debbie Wright says

    Thank you, Bethany, for this great document! Will use on Wednesday not to play with kids for games at church!

  8. Deborah says

    iT Is So FUN-tastiq… and it’s a way to encourage kids not just to play the game, but also to apply them in their everyday lifes.

  9. Charmaine says

    Books of the Bible Game Idea for Kids.
    We devided the books into groups. We then had diiferent tables with ingredients to build a hamburger. We also got each child to adopt a younger child that would not be able participate. Not only did they learn the books of the bible, sharing with another and had a great meal. From sunny South Africa.

  10. says

    This approach is so effective because it involves sight, hearing and physical action. We recently developed an app called GRANNY’S BIBLE DOJO ( It’s a fantastic way to learn the Books of the Bible on an iPhone, iPad or iPod.
    Try out the FREE ONLINE DEMO . . .

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