Books of the Bible Game Idea for Kids

Watch this video to learn a simple game that will help kids review the books of the Bible. Specifically, this game will allow them to practice where books belong in the Bible. The setup is rather simple, all you need is sidewalk chalk and a place to play.

  • Draw two box shapes large enough for all the kids to stand within
  • Label one box “New Testament” and the other “Old Testament”
  • Explain to the kids they should stand in the area that matches the name of the Bible books you are about to say
  • For books not in the Bible they should stand outside both boxes

We would like to hear your opinion about this game. Simply leave a comment below. Be sure to let us know about any improvements or variations you discover. Here is the direct link to our Books of the Bible game on YouTube.

Some more pointers about this Bible game idea.

  • You could draw several boxes for each division of the Bible as they children become more advanced
  • In the winter you could play a similar game using masking tape inside
  • This game works well without competition, but you could add elimination to make things more exciting
  • Here is a song and tips to help with memorizing the Bible books in order.



  1. Kelly Marler says

    Great Idea! Im going to do this with my 5th Grade Sunday School class when we have our Sunday School Lock-in as a practice before we do our Scavenger Hunt! Plus this will be great to do with my grandchildren! Thank you!

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