Thanksgiving Feast: Bus Ministry Style

Thanksgiving on the Church Bus

Planning a Thanksgiving meal for bus riders when you have ample space, volunteers and time is a cinch. What if you don’t have those kinds of resources but still want to minister to the kids and families in your community this Thanksgiving? Have a Thanksgiving feast—bus ministry style! It takes a bit of planning but […]

Thanksgiving Newsletter Ideas


It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you produce a newsletter every week or even once a month. The same features, the regular columns–these can get pretty stale over time. You’ve probably noticed that some weeks, parents and kids can’t wait to pick one up. Other weeks, your newsletters go unnoticed on the […]

“Thankfulness to God” Wreath Craft Project


We created this wreath with the hopes that folks would enjoy coloring and assembling it in either small groups (classroom, families, Sunday school, etc.). The wreath can be printed with multiple copies of the decoration sheet if more children or time allows. Use the following links to download our printable template. Wreath sections & decorations […]

Candy Corn Activities for Children’s Ministry


From October to the end of November, you’ll always find candy corn in my kids church. It’s inexpensive, sweet and great inspiration for kids min activities. If you’re looking for a few filler ideas for your fall sessions, plug in one of these candy corn activities. Keep things on the sweeter side with some candy […]