A Thankful Prayer to Teach Children


Teaching a child to engage God in prayer should be a top priority for children’s ministry leaders. This is a great time to teach about being thankful, when so many families and ministries are focusing on thankfulness. Teach children a thankful prayer, one that they can use all year long and watch their relationship with […]

Active Play Thanksgiving Games for Children’s Ministry


What is it about the holidays that makes kids want to run around the room? Could it be all the sugar we supply them with? I’m not sure but no matter how hard I try, during the month of November and December, kids want to play more and learn less. If you find the same […]

New Thanksgiving Games for Children’s Ministry


Are your kids tired of playing “Gobble Gobble” or “Heads-Up 7-Up” during free time in children’s church? We have good news for you! Try these new Thanksgiving games for children’s ministry. Having a few extra games on hand will help manage the crowds and keep kids focused on thankfulness and fun. You can spread these […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Program Ideas


Many churches and fellowships mark certain holidays with exciting outreach programs featuring plays and skits. However, there are always that group of children that can’t or won’t come to practice and then you are left trying to figure out what to do. You don’t want to leave anyone out, especially new children but at the […]

Thankfulness Journals: Christian Activities for Children


If you want to change someone’s perspective, teach them how to be thankful. It’s not just good advice for shaping a positive attitude but it is something the bible instructs us to do. You will find dozens and dozens of verses about the benefits of thankfulness but one of my favorites is in the New […]