What Children’s Ministry Magazine Said about Me

It was just a few months back when Children’s Ministry Magazine listed our blog among the top 5 children’s ministry websites. (Jan/Feb 2010).

I didn’t see that coming. In fact, I first found out about it on a someone’s blog. Then I double checked my own copy of the magazine and it was there in print.

It was good surprise.

The big news yesterday was not a surprise, since they emailed me for a picture. But I did feel just as honored to read the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of their magazine. In it they they listed some of the young kidmin leaders who they are calling “20 to Watch.” Click here to read that article on their website.

And I made the list.

It’s  nice when others notice and commend what you’re doing in ministry. Especially when they put you in the company of amazing people.  This was an impressive list. They name some people I’ve met in person. These include Kenny Conley, Sam Luce, and Gina McClain. There are many others that I’ve known online. Names like Jonathan Cliff, Matt Guevara, Anthony Prince, Dan Scott, Justyn Smith, David Wakerley, Kendra Fleming, Allyson Evans, Nick Diliberto and Spencer Click.

That’s not the whole list, but you’ll notice how many of these are using blogs to share their ideas. You can find most of them on our top 100 kidmin blogger list. Blogging has made the connection between leadership, influence and good ideas nearly a straight line.

Now the truth about me.

My offline ministry doesn’t really compare with all the amazing work these other leaders are doing. God has called me to a smaller church and I’m not sure I could handle all the pressure the others deal with. Just doing my ordinary ministry stuff reminds me that I am no expert. On many days God reminds me how weak I really am. It’s almost comical that He lets me have a popular blog. I am the least among these leaders, even though this website is helping many. It’s a strange contradiction, but I think God’s glory is shinning out of it.

Now the truth about the website.

I’m not the only one writing all this stuff. Nearly half of our content is from our contributing authors. The blog now has over 10 writers and my main role is to support their work. So, it’s really a team effort on the content side. As for traffic, that has grown as readers recommend us to their friends. Without our strong community of readers, nobody outside of my town would care what I’m writing.

Since this sounds like an acceptance speech, I’ll continue…

I want to thank my awesome wife who has endured and encouraged me to serve God with this website. She trusted me when it was still an expense on the family budget. I greatly appreciate my church that has been so patient with my learn-by-failure style of leadership.  Most of all, I’m more than a little surprised that God would trust me with kids ministry in the first place!

Who’s missing from this list?

This list was a sequel to the Sept/Oct 2010 article that named the 20 most influential leaders in children’s ministry today. I have great respect for Christine Yount Jones and her team at Group Publishing. Just putting together such a list is a risky job and it’s easy to leave out well deserving people.  I’d say they did a really good job despite the challenge.

If you’d like to respond, just click here to leave a comment. The article is not yet online, but I’ll add a link once they post it on their website.


  1. Thelma Trainor says

    I thank God that you write this blog. As a Sunday School coordinator, it has been one of the most useful sites I’ve come across. It’s nice that you let God use you in this way. It’s nice to see that others – MANY others are recognizing this, too. Please – keep up the very good work.

  2. agustina says

    What a great work that have been done through this media. You’ve surely helped a lot of teachers worldwide, even people that you may never imagine to reach. Keep doing the good work. The more you share, the more God will add new wisdom to do big things! Jesus bless!!

  3. pam sigler says

    Yeah for you, I’m glad you got the recognition you duly and truly deserve. Great Job!

  4. sally springs says

    Awesome Newsletter………great ideas………thanks!! Using it in our family devotions for my 2 granddaughters!

  5. says

    Congratulations, Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an honor. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that us readers so appreciate your humility, honesty, and authenticity.

    Thank you for all that you do!

  6. says


    Congratulations! One of the things our team appreciates about your ministry and the website is the authenticity they reflect. There’s no hidden agenda, no product you’re trying to sell…just sharing your time and talent to resource Christ followers who want to introduce kids to Jesus.

    Hope to meet you in person soon.

  7. says

    Proud of you, Tony. You and your team are an encouragement to many, including me. Keep humble. Serve valiantly. There are people watching from the margins who will never receive such attention, and they are watching the fruit of your heart and labor. You may never learn who they are, but the efforts of you and your team are impacting them powerfully. Be blessed and encouraged!

  8. says


    Can’t wait to read the article. Congrats to you. What you have done with Ministry-to-Children.com is amazing and definitely a great benefit to the kidmin community as a whole. Though your ministry to kids may be in a small church, your ministry to those who minister to kids stretches around the world.

    Since Wendy started the trend of sharing things we admire about you (aka “trying to make Tony blush”), I think that you are a shining example of what kidmin should be. Although your children’s ministry might not be as big as others’, you still invest the time in thinking, pondering, preparing and planning as if you were ministering to thousands. That is what kidmin should be. Whether it’s one young soul reached for Christ or hundreds.

    I’m honored to know you and work with you, and any list of 20 to Watch in Kidmin would be incomplete without your name on it!

    P.S. – Glad you nixed that tailgate idea, you may have ended up on some other Top 20 list.

    Sorry if this comment shows up multiple times – WordPress issues!

  9. says

    One of the things I admire most about you is that you are genuinely blown away by all God is doing through you. I so appreciate you and your team for pouring into our kidmin community. Congrats friend!

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