Free Empty Tomb Coloring Page

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God had a big surprise for the disciples on Easter morning. They came to the tomb and discovered it was empty. Jesus was not there because he had risen! This free empty tomb coloring page shows Mary standing beside the cave. The stone is rolled away and she has a look of shocked joy on her face.

Directions: Select the image to the right for the printable version of this coloring page. You can also download this picture as a jpeg file for advanced editing.

You could use this free coloring sheet with your toddlers or preschool Sunday School on Easter morning. It’s free to copy for any ministry use in your church, home, or school. Here is the link to browse our other coloring pages for Easter.

Please leave a comment below to encourage Carlos and thank him for his work. He is from the Philippines and shares his talent with readers from around the world through our website. You can also share how you will be using this coloring picture.


  1. suzanne says

    thank you Carlos it looks like you do wonderful work for the Lord, He will tell you well done thy good and faithful servant

  2. Aida says

    Thank you so much Carlos for using your talent for the Lord. This morning i was looking for something like this to share with my prschoolers. God bless you as you continue to be a useful vessel :).

  3. Val Tisdale says

    Thanks for the beautiful coloring page. This will be used to give out after the children’s sermon on “The Empty Tomb” – grace and peace!

  4. morlin says

    gracias hermano ojala tuviésemos una pagina de estas en español seria de mucha ayuda para iglesias como en la sirvo como maestra de escuela bíblica Dios le bendiga y le de mucha sabiduría para seguir en esa labor no lo conozco pero siento que lo quiero mucho en el señor

    Thanks brother I wish we had a page of these in Spanish would be helpful to serve churches and in Sunday school as a teacher God bless you and give you wisdom to continue in this work do not know but I feel that I love you in the Lord

  5. Daniel says

    Thanks Carlos! My Sunday school kids will enjoy this. God bless you for your service to mankind.-Daniel

  6. says

    Thanks so much for this! We’ll use it at our church/community egg hunt tomorrow. We hope to teach the children in the neighborhood what Easter is really about!

  7. Joan says

    Thanks to Carlos for this colouring page; we’re using this and the one for Palm Sunday in our Sunday School lessons. May God bless you Carlos and may you continue to use your talent to glorify Him

  8. Kris says

    thank you for giving of your talent freely. I am using these sheets with my girls to teach them about Easter.

  9. Julie says

    Thanks for this picture Carlos. It was just what I was looking for! I’m going to try to work it into a little mini booklet for my Sunday School Preschool class.

  10. Cris says

    Thanks for providing these delightful coloring sheets, Carlos. I am going to use the empty tomb one in my Pre School class at Church tomorrow. You are very talented. Keep up the good work. Cris

  11. Joy says

    Thank you Carlos for making it easy for children to see the empty tomb. My Sunday School class (3 – 8 yr old) will surely enjoy coloring this picture.

  12. Carin says

    Dear Carlos,
    Thank you for a great picture. I am from South Africa and teaching Sunday school to 1-7year olds. They are going to love it. Jesus is alive! God bless your ministry through art,

  13. Barbara says

    Thank you, Carlos.
    I printed out two copies of The Empty Tomb coloring sheet and two copies of the Palm Sunday pages to sent to my two Compassion children in Bolivia. I live in the United States. The children are nine years old. I’ll tell them they were drawn by someone in the Philippines.
    Isn’t it interesting that through the internet, we can communicate with people all over the world. Thank you for what you are doing for Jesus.

  14. Pailin says

    Thank you Carlos for your dedication to the Lord with your talent. I often use your coloring pages in my Children church.

    I want to use the one with Mary at the empty tomb, is there a way you could add a verse or the word like “He is Risen!” on this page?
    May God richly bless.

  15. says

    Thanks Carlos! It is wonderful to learn that you are from the Philipines! We have several Filipino families who attend our church. We love them. God is so amazing to join us by His Holy Spirit and make us “family”. He is RISEN!

  16. Rose Weckbacher says

    Thank you so much Carlos for the wonderful work you have created. We use it often in our Sunday School classes. May God bless you as you continue in His service.

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