Gentleness “Fruit of the Spirit” Coloring Page

Gentleness coloring page

Directions: To download a printable version of this Gentleness coloring page, simply click on the preview image above. We’ve also provided a jpeg image file for anyone who needs to make edits before using this resource.

This is part of our free coloring book based on the Fruit of the Spirit. Don’t miss all our free lessons based on this passage. Each illustration in the series highlights a contemporary example of the specific character trait in a child’s life. This is an excellent tool to talk about spiritual growth and Gospel character. They could be use alongside a Fruit of the Spirit Sunday School lesson, or simply at home with your own children.

We’re excited to provide this original artwork free to use in your ministry, home, or school. Please leave a comment below to encourage Mandy as she uses her artistic gifts for the Lord’s work. Be sure to browse all our Bible Coloring pages for Kids.


  1. Dianna Galyen says

    Thank you so much for using your talents to Glorify God! You are helping me so very much. Without these beautiful Bible Lessons, I would have quit teaching. My students always ask if I have their coloring pages the minute I come in!

  2. Melissa says

    Thank you so much for these fruit of the spirit coloring pages! It is really hard to find quality and free resources that don’t just depict pieces of FRUIT! :) Thanks again!!

  3. joy says

    This really a great work you are doing, God bless you real good.

  4. Audrey Huey says

    Your lessons greatly enhance our Sunday School activities.
    I truly thank you for them.
    May God continue to bless you with great ideas and selfless heart to share.


  5. Olayiwola says

    Thank you for all your works. The Almighty God will continue to expand your ministry in jesus name.

  6. Patience Suberu says

    Thank you Mandy! This is really inspiring and helpful. God bless you and increase His Knowledge in you.

  7. says

    Thank God for you and your inspiring ideas. I was thinking along the same thought, but God has answered ours prayers through you.

  8. Virginia Montgomery says

    I have really enjoyed this site it helps me with my sunday school class. I only have 2 children but God willing I will have more come.
    These free lessons and ideas help me out so much, God Bless You.
    Mandy you have helped me so much , I am so thankful and grateful for all you have done for me and others who share the sam feelings. Keep up the good work, God is using you in a mighty way.

  9. Victoria says

    Hi Mandy , I’m so grateful for the invaluable info and ideas for children ministry. Thank you. I’ve recently been put in charge of the children church at our fellowship. I thank God for you because your materials has been a great source of inspiration! May God continue to bless in every area of your life in Jesus name….

  10. Pastor Joseph Uzomba says

    This is indeed an inspired work. I am thrilled in the presentations. I’ve been troubled recently that our kids are not being properly fed spiritually and need not just any resources but inspired ones to remedy this observation. I appreciate all you gave out freely and say thank you!

  11. Tammy says

    I teach Jr. Church & am a Sunday School teacher for small children. I am responsible for coming up with my own lessons, and though I usually can do ok, I decided to try checking the internet this time for some ideas. That’s when I came across your free coloring sheets and was SO delighted! Thank you! And may God bless you as you have blessed me and my students!

  12. David Nickell says

    We’ve been studying the fruit of the spirit with our Sunday school students for the past several weeks. As a fun way to end the series, we’ll use these for a coloring contest. Thanks for the freebie, it really helps!

  13. Gloria says

    Thank you again for all the free lessons and ideas you gave me, thank god for you and your mimistry.

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