Free “He Is Risen” Coloring Page

Easter coloring picture with the phrase "He is Risen"

Directions: Click on the preview picture above for a printable PDF version of this coloring page. We’ve also made a higher resolution JPEG image available.

This Easter coloring sheet would be ideal for Resurrection Sunday. It has a picture of Jesus along with the words, “He is Risen.” Other phrases decorate the picture as well. As with all our coloring pages, you are free to use this in your church, home, or Christian school.

If you enjoy this resource, you can leave a comment below to thank Mandy for her efforts.


  1. naomi says

    great picture! I love how loving Jesus is in your picture. Very kind and compassionate, too. I will be using this in service for Easter for the kiddos. This is my first time printing off coloring page I hadn’t thought to do so before, but I surely will do it again. We have the kids in service the last Sunday of every month.

    May God bless you richly. Thank you for your generousity


  2. nicolastrain says

    Hi Mandy, Thank you for this amazing
    drawing of the Resurrection. I really love your stuff and use it all the time. Nikki in Belfast

  3. Adetutu Tolu says

    Thanks For sharing this. We are really trying to get our children church organised and sourcing for materials.This really helpful. I plan to use this with the kids on Sunday.

  4. Debra Huff says

    Thank you, Mandy! I wanted coloring sheets to go along with our Resurrection Day Bible Class for the 5-9 year olds. Wish I had seen the Palm Sunday one in time for last Sunday. I
    may print it for them anyway as a reminder of what we talked about last Sunday.

  5. says

    We are using this coloring page with our “Bible Club” after school program in northeast Minnesota during Holy Week. We plan to use the page in a 11×14 format to make a placemat the kids can use on Resurrection Sunday. Thanks!

  6. Kris says

    thank you so much Mandy for giving of your talent freely! I am using your colouring pages with my girls to teach them about Easter as we will be visiting family and not at our home church.

  7. Margaret Pagdin says

    Thank you , Mandy. We live in Spain and our small fellowship has 10 children under 10. They will love this activity!!

  8. says

    Thank you for this wonderful coloring page!!! I am using it in my free online preschool under the worship category. I was thinking about drawing one myself but now I don’t have to as yours is wonderful!!!
    Thank you,
    Cullen :)

  9. Michelle says

    Thanks so much Mandy for blessing us by sharing your talent with us :) We’ll be using this in our program all the way in Christchurch, New Zealand tomorrow! Hope you have a great Easter!

  10. Erik says

    Hi Mandy. THANKS SO MUCH for these excellent resources — a huge blessing!! May Father God bless you in return!!!

  11. Althea C. Kearney says

    Thanks Mandy, the coloring pages are just GREAT! Thank God for you and your wonderful ideas.

  12. ruby lagundino says

    thanks Mandy for this coloring page… the children in our church will love it..

  13. jerusha phebe says

    dear mandy,
    thank you sooooo much for this beautiful picture of He is Risen, and i love what i see, God has truly given you a great talent…Praise the Lord.

  14. clyphane says

    This site helps me a lot in the Bahamas & I’ve told friends about it. Thanx and God BLESS

  15. Liz Spowart says

    Thanks Mandy! I just found this site and look forward to using these coloring pages. My husband and I have taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Sunday School for a little over five years. I look for clip art so that my husband can transfer to our large white board in our classroom. This is very, very, helpful. It will sure save me time. Thank you precious one for your Kingdom work. God bless you!

  16. Tinabeth says

    Thanks, Mandy for ALL of your coloring pages! I’m responsible for crafts/recreation with our Awana children and the little ones (especially) LOVE to color your pages. Thanks again!

  17. Joni says

    Thank you so much for making this information available FOR FREE!!!! I teach the children 6-9yr olds and find the visual is so helpful in making the lesson memmorable. GOD BLESS YOU!!

  18. Julie Hite says

    I love the coloring pages. I teach the youngest kids at my church and they like them too. Thank you so much!

  19. flo wiley says



  20. charry says

    Very inspiring! and so helpful to catechist and volunteers in our parish. Good luck in every task you are all wonderfully creating and heartfelt thanks for sharing for everyone who believes in HIM!

  21. joy says

    I am so happy to finally found a website like this. This will surely help me in our Children’s Ministry here in the Philippines. God Bless!

  22. Eunice Pond says

    I was able to get this to print out as a full page by going to “Printer Properties” and changing the orientation from “portrait” to “landscape.”
    Children of all ages will enjoy coloring this picture.

  23. Heather Cavin says

    I am trying to establish a Sunday school at my local church in the Scottish Highlands. Although I know the Bible and trust in my Lord, he hasn’t the time to teach me how to teach. There are no teaching programmes (that I can find) in my area, so I am using your resources and finding them excellent for ideas, lessons and support. I hope to become a good ‘teacher’ to my tiny flock and, I think, with your help I will. Many thanks and God Bless.

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