Kids Ministry Blog Madness 2011 (1st round)

It’s time for another epic contest to see which kids ministry blogger will become a champion. You may even discover a few new blogs you’d like to follow. We will have three rounds, mirroring the NCAA basketball tournament.

This opening round has closed, click here to see round 2. Then go rally support for your friends.

This is all just for fun, but there will a big prize. Hint — it rhymes with my dad and has the number two in it’s name. The official announce will come in the second round. This round will close on March 19th and the top four blogs in each bracket will advance.

West Regional

  1. Go Fish Guy (Jamie Statema)
  2. Lemon Lime Kids (Amy Dolan)
  4. Leader 2 Leader (Jim Wideman)
  5. Relevant Children’s Ministry (Dale Hudson)
  6. Life2gether
  7. Kidmin1124
  8. CM Buzz
  9. Creative Kids Pastor
  10. Sunday School Revolutionary!
  11. A Heart After Children
  12. SojournKids
  13. What Matters Now Blog
  14. Roger Fields
  15. Dick Gruber
  16. Molded
  17. Kid Trek

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Southeast Regional

  1. Kid Inspiration (Dave Wakerley)
  2. Children’s Ministry 1234
  3. Orange Leaders
  4. – Karl Bastian
  5. Justyn Smith
  6. Elemental Children’s Ministry
  7. Legacy Blog (Brian Haynes)
  8. Michael Chanley
  10. Inside Northpoint Kids
  11. JC is ONLINE
  12. Effective Childrens Ministry
  13. CentriKid Camps Blog
  14. The Thursday Blog
  15. Cap City Kids
  16. Jeremy Mavis
  17. Kids Pastor Cathy

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East Regional

  1. sam luce
  2. Matt McKee Live
  3. Dad In The Middle
  4. Children’s Minister BLOG
  5. Children’s Ministry Magazine Blog
  6. JamieDoyle
  8. Kids Ministry 101
  10. Family Regeneration
  11. Revival Fire For Kids Blog
  12. Acacia in the Desert
  14. Commander Bill
  15. Children and God
  16. Caroline Bergeron
  17. About the Children’s Department

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Southwest Regional

  1. Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)
  3. Blog (Nick Diliberto)
  4. Growing Kids Ministry
  5. The Inclusive Church
  6. West Coast CM (Anthony Prince)
  7. Free CM Stuff
  8. Scripture Lady
  9. Train Up The Child
  10. It’s a kids ministry Revolution baby!
  11. Christianity Cove
  13. Todd McKeever
  14. Small Town Kidmin
  15. Cory Center
  16. Glen Woods
  17. Victory Circle
  18. Joe McAlpine

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Seed selection was ranked based on our previous Top 100 ranking plus some adjustments for recent consistency.  The selection committee included only me. This was much more difficult than previous years and many good blogs just were left on the bubble.

If you’re not happy with your ranking, this is your chance to prove me wrong by turning out the vote. You can also leave a comment below to offer your feedback.


  1. says

    The buzzer has sounded. We had a little overtime thanks to the “super moon” and walking along the beach. Next round will be up soon. Go celebrate for 10 minutes then get ready to start scouting the competition.

  2. says

    Today is the close of round one I think. I appreciate anyone who voted for my blog but apologize that I have been gone the whole week and could not work it at all and will not be going into round 2.

    Looking forward to seeing all the great blogs who make it to round 2 and casting our votes for them now.

    Have fun.

  3. says

    I didn’t set a specific deadline, but it will probably be around 8 PM tomorrow night when the polls close in this round with the official round two going live about 30 minutes later. It all depends on when I get back from dinner.

  4. says

    I finally pulled one vote ahead of Greg in my friendly showdown with my buddy. Whoho! At the Kidology Gathering at CPC Iasked him if it would be cheating for me to put a banner ad on for this – and he said “If any of us had that network and traffic we would” but I haven’t yet!! Trying to resist!! Ha! Last year I did nothing and got creamed, so I’m trying to be more proactive this year.

    • says

      You should save your big guns for the next rounds. We saw this last year where competitors left it all on the court and didn’t have anything left for the finals.

  5. says

    The competition this year is much tighter and we’ve been seeing Facebook drive significant traffic to the polls.

    I was just comparing last year’s round one. The lowest vote totals to move on last year were 60, 67, 46, 66. The highest vote totals after round one were 89, 133, 159, 99. Only four blogs in the first round achieved 100+ votes.

    This year the average 4th place in each division is already 70 votes. For several divisions, 80 votes will not even be safe to advance.

  6. says

    Holy Cow! Is the winner getting on iPadd2?!?!?! That is incredible! Since I already have one – I already know who I will be giving the one I win to if I win this… a very worthy kidminer… so vote to so I can give my prize away! Wow, this is exciting!

  7. says

    He writes, “This is all just for fun, but there will a big prize. Hint — it rhymes with my dad and has the number two in it’s name.”

    And iPad 2 fits that hint…. so I think all those already with an iPad should vote offer their votes to those of us who could use one ;-)

  8. says

    The tournament is off to an exciting start! Don’t despair if you’re a little behind the leaders – you just need to make the top four in your division to move on to the next round.

  9. says

    Wow, I’m getting hammered! Not that I expected much more, look who’s in my regional!
    But seriously, vote for me. Everyone loves a good comback story and I’ve already started on the script for a full length feature film about my rise from the ashes after a good pummelling the first two days to go on to victory and be hoisted upon the shoulders of bloggers everywhere as they sing, “For he’s a jolly good blogger.”
    Of course, I don’t want to give too much about the screenplay away, but there will be romance (starring my hot wife), action, sci-fi, comedy, and a little bit of film noir flair. I’m only making the movie if I win (because I’ll shoot it entirely on the ipad 2), so you need to vote for me.

  10. says

    This is my first year to vote – I didn’t realize there were so many other top notch CMs out there… We’re working up here in the NYC area to raise up urban kids to centraliize Christ in all of life… maybe one day we’ll become an urban resource.

    Anyone else pioneering in the Big Apple that would like to collaborate?

    Good luck to all… if you believe in luck of course.


  11. says

    I see I got Glen added! Does that mean I can vote twice? I am originally from Chicago after all! “Vote early, Vote often!”

    Glen, you owe me a vote!

  12. says

    I love lists like this because it opens up my reading to a whole new level. Thanks for the contest. As for who gets my vote, clearly there is only one answer: wow….is it that late already? Sorry, have to get some sleep. Good night everyone.

  13. says

    Just thought it would be kind of you to offer me Ryan Frank and Raising a Modern Day Joseph’s votes. Oh, and since J.C. was in there twice I could swing having one set of his. I mean, it’s only the nice thing to do. Seriously, isn’t March Madness the season of giving? I mean come on, I’m in a bracket facing Conley, Cliff, Lee and McKeever! Let’s talk Cinderella story baby!

    Seriously (picture me with a raise brow, a sincere look and a hand on your shoulder), thanks for including me, it’s an honor.

  14. says

    What a fun idea! We just completed our NCAA brackets here in the office and now I found our blog in it’s own bracket. Thanks for putting this together and including CM Buzz!

  15. says

    now that our church has hired a youth pastor hired (which takes me off of double duty), I should have time to reconnect w/ the blogging community…
    just in time for march madness!


    (btw, I just noticed that I’m in the same bracket as Kenny… doh!)

  16. Leslie Ziegenfus says

    Great website, great information about AWANA and hope many more enjoy it!

  17. says

    Love this. Thanks for putting it together Tony. I hope to step up my blogging and make the dance next year. (I think I may have said that last year too.)

  18. says

    Hey Tony,
    I have some friends who are pretty awesome Kids’ Ministers serving there guts outside of the US. It would be fun to see them worked into a category next time!

  19. says

    I don’t know if it matters or not – but I live in Atlanta (the Southeast). Either way, grateful to be included on the list!

    Thanks Tony for your work!

  20. says

    Not having Glen Woods almost negates the whole contest! He is the only blog I get via e-mail – its THAT good. (not that the others aren’t good, I read them in my RSS reader) Tony, maybe if JC is in twice, you can put Glen Woods in?

  21. says

    I woulda joined the dance but when I was in it last year I misunderstood and thought it was an actual dance, so I started dancing for real and it caused panic among the voters who had never seen such, umm, rhythmic innovation. Yea, that’s it, I was innovating in a dancing kind of way, but I suppose that was not the point, and therefore…oh…well…nevermind. ;)

      • says

        Hey, wait, how did my name get in there? Is it because the masses want to see me dance? Is that it? *Shakes head* If I am selected, I promise to do a little dance on video and post it for all to admire (or recoil in horror). ;P

  22. says

    Jim I’m with you…just glad to be on the list with all these great young leaders! Karl, Ryan may not have a blog anymore but he’s doing pretty good as I write this…2nd behind Kenny in his group!

  23. says

    Looking forward to a “dancing in the big dance” of Children’s Ministry this year. What a cross section in the world of Children’s Ministry. Kind of wish more Family Ministry folks were considered…

  24. says

    Love this competition. The hardest thing each year is trying only to pick four in each region. The idea of competing against the likes of people like Jim Wideman and Sam Luce who I have learned so much from is both intimidating and an honor. Now, I’m off to plan my week of shameless self-promotion. :)

  25. says

    Enjoy all of these blogs and am grateful to be on the same page. The amount of great information that is logged into the www portals through the accumulation of all of these blogs is mind bending.

  26. says

    I’m honored to make “the dance” this year for the first time!

    Another blog that is listed that recently closed is the Raising a Modern Day Joseph blog (SE #14). Their current post notes that they are ending.

      • says

        Sorry about that – we’ve been using CloudFlare and it has not worked very well with our hosting provider. Trying SO hard to fix these issues!

        • says

          I think I’ve got that all fixed, plus I went ahead and expanded to the 68 seed format to match the real one. If I’ve missed any other obvious qualifiers, I can add them up to a certain point (Monday evening?).

          Thanks for the help, it’s hard being a near-sighted official during March Madness.

          The poll restricts by IP address, so if you want to vote more than once you’ll have to use the free WiFi at McDonald’s…

  27. says

    Ryan Frank had a great blog but FYI, he killed his blog, probably a step toward simplifying his busy life. Not sure it should be included any more.

  28. says

    Grateful to be at the big dance again this year. This was lots of fun last year looking forward to see who wins it all this year.


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