Lent Coloring Pages for Children

Free Printable coloring sheets for Lent
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In many churches, the six weeks leading up to Easter are celebrated as the “Lenten Season.” This Christian tradition encourages believers to give-up something in their life and focus on what Christ was preparing to suffer to secure salvation on the cross. This coloring page captures that concept in a visual way children will understand.

Directions: Click on the preview image above to download a printable PDF version of this coloring sheet. We’ve also uploaded the same image in JPEG format for advanced users to edit.

The illustration shows a boy passing on candy along with the text:

“Our sacrifice is little when we consider the sacrifice of our King.”

If you enjoy this coloring sheet, you can leave a comment below to encourage Mandy in her work. Be sure to browse all our Christian coloring pages or check out our free Bible lessons for Lent.


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