Lent Lessons & Activities for Sunday School

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We want to help you teach kids about Lent. Download our coloring pages, lesson plans, and activities for Lent. Use them in your Sunday School or Children’s Church.

Lent Lessons and Activities for Children’s Church

Lent can be meaningful for kids too! Use these free printables about Lent for Kids church or Sunday School. These lessons are based on the parable stories, this study will help kids find their part in the Kingdom Work of Jesus. Each of the five Lent lessons addresses “walking his ways” with a different theme.

5 Part Lent Lesson Series “Walk in His Ways”

Explore Each Lent Lesson Plan

  1. Parable of Two Sons (Matthew 21:28-32)
  2. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
  3. Parable of the Great Feast (Luke 14:12-24)
  4. Parable of Rich Man (Luke 12:16-21)
  5. Parable of the Lost Coin (Luke 15:8-10)

Lent Coloring Pages for Kids

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This Lent Coloring Page will help children learn about making sacrifices in their lives to remember the sacrifice of Jesus. Use this explain Lent for preschoolers in Sunday School or children’s church.

Lent Activities for Sunday School

Use these Lent Activity worksheets in your children’s ministry for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Download the free PDF worksheets below.

How to explain What is Lent? for children.

Lent is the period of the liturgical calendar leading up to Easter. It is more popular with mainline denominations, but many Christian groups embrace the traditions of  the Lenten season.

It’s a time to focus on God and prepare to remember and celebrate Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the grave to save each of us. Many people decide to “give up” things for Lent to help them remember that Jesus gave his life for us, but you can also “take on” doing good things, just like Jesus did.

Is Lent Biblical? What about Ash Wednesday and Good Friday?

Sometimes I get this question (or complaint) from independent-type churches who don’t follow a traditional church calendar. Obviously, this is an issue every family or local church has the Christian freedom to decide. Here’s our opinion as a ministry that aims to serve all churches:

This season leading up to the Holy Week is not required in the Bible. The ideas behind the celebration are definitely biblical — prayer, fasting, a period of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice. From the Early Church onward, believers have marked the time leading up to the Crucifixion as a special part of the year for remembering the mission of Christ.


Activities for teaching kids about Lent in Sunday School.

Lent or advent? Kids find Joy in a season of anticipation

For simple reasons of human error and re-print malfunction, our church bulletin this week read “First Sunday of Advent,” accidentally listing service details for the beginning of the Lenten season rather than Christmas. It was an understandable and laughable mistake, but started me thinking a bit, too…when glancing at liturgical seasons, we consider Lent a […]

Making Lent a Meaningful Season for Kids

We offer the following background and ideas for making the most of the Lenten season in your children’s ministry. Don’t miss our Lent lessons and coloring pages. Lent is the season leading up to the Holy Week For many years the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday has been honored as the time of […]

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