The Miraculous Catch: Preschool Lesson & Craft

Preschoole Bible LessonsHere is a simple Bible lesson for preschoolers. It’s based on the story in John’s Gospel where Jesus directs the disciples to cast their nets and provides a miraculous catch of fish. This story shows Jesus’ power over nature and his desire to help us.

This lesson works well for a preschool Sunday School class. You could also use it at home with your own younger children. Feel free to modify it to meet your ministry situation.

Bible Story: The Miraculous Catch of Fish
Scripture: John 21:1-13
Target Age Group: Ages 2 – 4
Learning Context: Any small group setting like Sunday School or Church Toddler class.
Target Time Frame: 30 minutes
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Goal: This lesson seeks to show kids that Jesus will help us.

Before Class: Use colored painter’s tape to make a boat shape on the floor for the kids to sit in. (This is optional, but allows the kids to feel like they are apart of the story)

Lesson Time:  Have your kids sit in the boat that you outlined on the floor.

  1. Read (or tell in your own words or use Bible story books, such as 100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs or Row the Boat: Jesus Fills the Nets) John 21:1-13.
  2. Ask kids questions about the story for review
    1. How long were the men fishing?
    2. Did they catch any fish at first?
    3. Who stood on the shore?
    4. Did the disciples (Jesus’ helpers) know that it was Jesus?
    5. Which side did Jesus tell the men to throw over the net?
  3. Explain to the kids that Jesus wanted to help the men to catch the fish because He loved them.  Tell them that Jesus loves each of them too, and that because He does, He can help us!  You may also need to help the kids understand that Jesus will not appear as He did to the disciples, but that we can pray to Him for help.
  4. Ask the kids times when they might need Jesus to help them.  Give examples: when we are sick, when we are afraid, etc.

Craft Time:

  1. Fishing Page: Have children color the provided picture.  Help the kids glue the small pieces of netting onto the right side of the boat.  They can color in waves at the bottom of the boat/net. Allow them to glue gold fish onto the net.  They can also have some for a snack!  The can draw in the disciples on the boat if they want to.

Optional Snack: Serve fish shaped crackers to the children. While they eat talk about how strong and special Jesus was to help his friends catch so many fish.

Optional Song: You could sing the “My God is So BIG” song and remind the children that Jesus can do special things because he is God.

Supplies Needed:

  • Provided paper – boat-drawing (PDF)
  • Small pieces of netting/mesh material/tulle (any of these will work)
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Gold fish (or paper fish for a less expensive option)
  • Goldfish crackers for snack

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  1. Carmon Frier says

    Our children really enjoyed this lesson. I wrote the review questions on fish and let them “fish” for the questions. I had a helper behind the door and the children would put their poles over and a fish would then get attached to the clothespin at the end of the pole.

  2. says

    thank you so much ,, now i am more motivated to teach. it will be my first time to formally teach a Sunday school lesson for tomorrow. i hope and pray that the children would enjoy and may they be able to apply it in their lives.

  3. Cindy Rosa-Melendez says

    I really appreciate the insight and free help tips on how to present this lesson to the children. The suggested questions are helpful and the craft is perfect! Thanks for your help.

    P.S. I painted a boat on a very large cardboard box and cut it so that the children can stand inside it. They love the visuals.

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