Mother’s Day Ideas for Church

Mothers Day ideas for churchMother’s Day is one of the biggest dates on the church calender. Christians have a strong tradition of honoring women on Mother’s day. We expect increased attendance in both Sunday school and Children’s church.

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Coloring Pages for Mother's DayNew! We just posted some original Mother’s Day Coloring Pages in an easy to print format. These are perfect for kids to color in for their moms this weekend. They include a simple prayer, “God, I am thankful for Mommy!”

What are you doing at church for Mother’s Day?

Our church has a tradition of doing baby dedication service on Mother’s Day. We have one scheduled for this year too. There will also be a time of recognition for mother’s. Many churches will give Mother’s Day gifts, read Mother’s day poems, or present gift cards to the Mother’s in attendance. What about your church? What are you doing on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day Sunday School Crafts?

You can begin your search for Mother’s Day Sunday school crafts by looking through the resources I list for Sunday school crafts. Many of these websites have whole sections devoted to Mother’s Day.

I’ve always liked it when the kids made a special card or project for Mother’s Day over several weeks. It can be something as simple as a series of coloring sheets bound as a “MY Favorite Mother” book. By producing something more substantial, Mother’s are more likely to save it in a scrapbook or memory box. Too many really simple Mother’s Day crafts find to the waste basket.

I’ve prepared a list of Bible Verses For Mother’s Day. You can use these to turn generic Sunday school crafts into focus with Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Sunday School Lessons?

Many Sunday school curriculum publishers provide a special lesson for Sunday school on Mother’s day. If not you might want to browse my resource page that links free Sunday school lessons online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not build your own Mother’s Day Sunday school lesson around one of these Bible Verses For Mother’s Day.

Please leave a comment if you’ve found a great source for Mother’s Day Sunday school lessons.


  1. Katy Basler says

    Thanks for the great ideas on presenting this lesson. I also used the coloring pages, and am pleased you offered several variations.

  2. Judy says

    Many infertile women are especially heart broken on Mother’s Day….. Any ideas on how to honor all women on this day without bringing emotional pain to those who want children so badly?

  3. James Kanga says

    Mother’s day I will always remember because I was Given a great assignment to write an article for my church on that day. And this day causes me to love my mom strongly than ever before

  4. Joy says

    At our little “Country Church” I decorated our altar with a special floral arrangement I created in memory of my Mother along with her picture and the hat & gloves she wore to my wedding long ago. In the Church Newsletter I had invited all member to bring pictures of their Mothers and place them on the altar for Mother’s Day. It was a very meaningful way to say THANK YOU GOD for our wonderful, amazing Mothers, whom we love so dearly. I took lots of picture of members that day and developed them as gifts and they are wonderful family treasures!

  5. Ruth Beames says

    I attend a small church & our sunday school has an average of 12 – 17 children attending weekly. We are going to make an assortment of homemade fudge/sweets & put them into gift bags. The children will color cards & decorate tiaras to give to their mums. We are also going to read out some poems the kids have written( I will probably laminate the poems to give to the mother as well as a keepsake)

  6. says

    Past Mother’s Days we have made the flower ink pens, not to expensive something the children can make and the mothers can use. You take floral tape on regular cheap bic pens and add a sunflower (you may have to put a touch of hot glue until you wrap them) or something nice size to the top of the pen as you wrap. You must stretch the floral tape to make it stick. Most age children can do this project. If you have additional money add a tin or clay pot filled with rice or dried beans to place the pens into. You can even decorate the clay pots.(They also made great teacher appreciation gifts).

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