“The Calling” Print this Encouraging Poem about Kids Ministry

printable poem about children's ministry
Click on the preview above to download this document from Kidz Blitz

It’s been a few years, but I still remember the first time I read this encouraging poem about children’s ministry. It came in an email to me from a friend. It really spoke to me about the struggles and joys of being a kids pastor.

Later I learned that poem was written by Roger Fields of Kidz Blitz ministries. It’s been available on their website for some time, but he recently uploaded a print-friendly version of the poem.

Directions: To download this poem in a printable PDF format, simply click the preview image to the right. It will take you to his website where the file is hosted.

This is an excellent way to encourage volunteers and leaders in your ministry. All of us who serve God’s Children share this same experience. I’d love to hear how you use this resource in your ministry. Click here to leave a comment.


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