“The Calling” Print this Encouraging Poem about Kids Ministry

printable poem about children's ministry
Click on the preview above to download this document from Kidz Blitz

It’s been a few years, but I still remember the first time I read this encouraging poem about children’s ministry. It came in an email to me from a friend. It really spoke to me about the struggles and joys of being a kids pastor.

Later I learned that poem was written by Roger Fields of Kidz Blitz ministries. It’s been available on their website for some time, but he recently uploaded a print-friendly version of the poem.

Directions: To download this poem in a printable PDF format, simply click the preview image to the right. It will take you to his website where the file is hosted.

This is an excellent way to encourage volunteers and leaders in your ministry. All of us who serve God’s Children share this same experience. I’d love to hear how you use this resource in your ministry. Click here to leave a comment.


  1. Robin McKinstrie says

    Very lovely as well as a great reminder about what children’s ministry is all about….thanks!

  2. charon says

    Your lessons are an inspiration to the kids. I really enjoyed the colouring pages and all the other informations you send. God bless you and your ministry. keep sending new post.

  3. Diana says

    My ministry is in the country of Jamaica and I really appreciate this website in general as it makes my job so much easier. The poem is such a blessing. Keep up the good work. God’s richest blessing on you, your family, your staff and ministry partners.

  4. Sue Bayliss says

    What a great message. I have been involved in children’s ministry for 50 years as a Sunday School and Religious Instruction teacher. I admire those who go overseas to tell people about Jesus but I have a mission here to reach the children in my local community for Jesus. I was told recently by a 2nd grader that my gift was telling children about Jesus. What a gift!!!
    Once again thank you for the poem

  5. Karen Richardson says

    Thank you so much for what you have done for me! I’ve searched for a year trying to find free lessons for the children in my church. We don’t have a lot of money to spend on supplies (we are a small church) and I just finished a year as youth director. I did the best I could, but failed miserably. Today is January 1, 2012, and I went to the computer, typed in children’s church lesson plans, and lo and behold…I got your lessons! I am so excited! We’ll start next week with the lessons about creation! May God bless you for your saving me this year!

  6. Adetola says

    You are always an inspiration. May God continually renew your strength. You and yours are blessed and highly favoured. Our loving Father has your wife close to His tender heart, He will see her (and you) through it all. He is trustworthy. God bless you

    RCCG, Lifespring Parish, Lagos, Nigeria

  7. Arden says

    This is wonderful, thank you. I am a Sunday School Superintendent, my 2nd year and how inspiring this poem is to me. I will give a copy to my teachers as I know it will inspire them also.

  8. Rosemerrie says

    This poem speaks to my passion, I stay awake at nights trying to think how best I can get the children to become excited about God. How to show reverence and respect for their creator. This poem is really great. It shows courage and determination to reach our children. Lets continue to work and pray. I will be sharing this poem on my thank you to the VBS Workers. Thanks. May God bless your family with good health and long life.

  9. Patrick Ofem says

    I am particularly grateful to God for using people like you and others in the Ministry to Children. In fact, all your write-ups are very inspiring and challenging. Please keep it up.The health of your beloved wife is in the hands of God. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. God bless you real good.

  10. aleta amador says

    What a great encouragement! I am challenged not to give up on children because God never gave up on me.

  11. Berna says

    Thanks Tony, I thought of making copies and give each of the kids’ teachers a copy. It will surely encourage them.

  12. Daniel Onyango says

    Thank you so much for your concern towards children Ministry Gulu,
    I believe God is doing something new in children Ministry and God is answering my prayer.
    Here in Northern Uganda, We have many Children there are many orphans who are desperate and they need the word of God in many direction.
    I believe God in all we are praying for.
    From Children’s Pastor.
    Daniel Onyango.

  13. sherrie says

    Happy new year,and thank you very much for this beautiful encouraging poem,I will read this carefully again & again & teach my child too.GOD BLESS you Bro.tony and your family and to the author of this poem.again thank you very much.Praise be to GOD AMEN.

  14. Stephanie says

    I just looked at the walls of my office and they are bare. I am going to print and frame this poem. It is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. jenny says

    i like your site. it gives me ideas and encouragement. I’m teaching 0 to 3 years old now sometmes i run out of ideas. hope you can post more on this level. thanks happy new year!!!

  16. julie says

    I was so blessed to read this poem. It came at just the right time to encourage me in my ministry to children. I will frame this poem and read it often :]

  17. yolanda says

    This is so awesome, its great thie Poem really speaks or spoke to me and I believe yes it is something that the church leaders in childrens ministry need and will appreciate

  18. says

    Thanks for posting this! It hit me hard, so hard that I had to post in on my blog and share it with the volenteers staff at Redeemer Fellowship.

  19. Laurie says

    Thanks for posting the author! I had always seen it as “Author Unknown” so it’s nice to see the original as the author wrote it. :-)

  20. says

    @jonathan: Thanks!

    I’ve updated my post to only show a short section and link back to their website for the full version.

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