You Decide: Should Santa Come to Church?

It’s an annual debate in congregations across the country. Now is your chance to officially ban  Santa from the church. Simply take the poll.

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Editor’s Note: This is just for fun, Santa will not actually be excommunicated. Please play nice in the comment section.


  1. Mary Winkler says

    We used to have Santa visit the children in our church and then discussed and changed the policy, mainly from a letter I wrote at the time. I actually WAS one of those people who thought in my late teens, “if my parents lied to me about Santa did they lie to me about God?” I was also the oldest in my family and it was hard when I found out who the real Santa was but pretended for the younger. When my own children came along I heard Pat Robertson on TV encourage parents not to do Santa for the very reason I had experienced. So I did not and later my church did not. I feel the children get enough of Santa in the public and the church should emphasize Jesus and the real reason for the season. I never pretended anything about Santa at home but extended family would and I just let it go. I’ll have to ask my adult childdren about it now. I did notice the older two would talk about Santa to the younger one so I’m not sure what they really thought. But I felt as a Christian parent that I never wanted to lie to them and wanted to emphasize the real meaning and the church especially should do the same.

  2. says

    I’m a firm believer that you can have Santa and Jesus. Santa is based on the real-life person of St. Nicolas. He gave gifts to people. The magi/wise men gave gifts to the baby Jesus. So in our house, Santa leaves 3 gifts (like the wise men) and the rest are from us. Santa is not “worshipped”, but you can have the best of both. We have many Santa decorations, along with angels and lots of nativities. There is no lie to it if you base it off of St. Nicholas. As for in chruch or religion class, I tell the kids that Santa is NOT what Christmas is all about….it’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus. I’d never consider telling them that there is no Santa and I teach little ones. From the start of Advent until Ephiphany, they learn all about the holy family, Jesus’ birth, and the magi

    There is a way to balance it and there can be the best of both!!

  3. Sylvia says

    I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a fan of Santa Clause. In fact, I think that what santa does is a good thing. I have never been confused and never thought that my parents lied. It was a fun story then and I sure do enjoy surprising my kids on Christmas morning when I get to play Santa. And some are even adults now, and they don’t seem angry about me not telling them that we bought and wrapped all of their presents and neither do they question wether or not Jesus is real. They are molding and developing their own faith and personal relationship with Christ.

  4. Catie says

    I dont teach my kids of santa. I dont want them looking at me later and saying but mommy if santa 9, the tooth fairy, easter bunny and all those other characters 0 you told me about arent real how do we know Jesus is real. i dont want to build the doubt. We celebrate the holidays and big milestones we just leave the fictional characters out of it.

  5. Linda says

    If we tell kids that there is Santa and we tell kids that there is God, when they find out we lied to them about Santa do they believe us about God?

  6. Elizabeth says

    I work mainly with unchurched kids. I have a policy to never mix fantasy with the reality of the Word of God so I leave Santa out of our Christmas time celebrations at our Kids’ Club. They don’t miss it and it works for us.

  7. darling poblete says

    My children have this doubt who Santa is, until they seen me one
    christmas night putting gifts on their christmas stockings.
    From then on, they knew who is the real Santa, HOhoho….

  8. jane fox says

    Since Santa is such a “norm” in many families, to completely discount it would be pointless, and there are ways to “allow” Santa to be acknowledged, and accepted, w/out making it more important than the true reason we have Christmas. There are many stories, poems and figurines that portray Santa kneeling to the Baby Jesus, and Santa himself saying that the real reason we have Christmas is because of Jesus. As far as Santa visiting church, I personally would rather it not happen, but it could be incorporated in such a way that the children see that Santa worships Jesus also.

  9. Shawn says

    The Saint that became Santa Claus, St. Nick should continue to live in the hearts of everyone. The spirit of giving should never be taken away regardless of the misperceptions of the two.

  10. Sylvia LeRiche says

    If Santa comes to church at Christmastime, he should be bowing down to (baby) Jesus. : )

  11. Michelle Bailey says

    We don’t do Santa, but I’m not opposed. If your church as a large gathering, it can be fun to have Santa read a story or give a simple gift.

  12. says

    Personally, I have been very careful to not do Santa at church. I just don’t bring it up, but I also NEVER rearrange the letters to spells Satan. I don’t think the idea of Santa is all bad, but I don’t do Santa at church for three reasons.
    One, out of respect for those who really do believe Santa equals Satan. Some people really have strong convictions against teaching Santa to kids and I don’t want to incite them to riot.
    Two, anytime you bring up Santa you get the fifth grader that shouts, “Santa’s not real, it’s just your parents.” And then your stuck trying to figure out if you want to lie to the crying kindergartener in the front row at church!
    Three, the kids are going to hear about Santa everywhere. I want to make sure at church I don’t water down the beauty of the real Christmas.
    Leslie, if Santa ever did come to my church, I really like what you have done. What a great idea to have Santa tell the Christmas story!

  13. Leslie Radford says

    We had a beautiful Santa and Ms. Claus visit our kids today. He did talk to the kids about the real meaning of christmas being the birth of Jesus… he explained how the true meaning influenced the actions of Santa… it found a nice balance. :)

  14. says

    I see santa like silly bandz. If you work with kids you know what they are. They are discracting, and keep the kids from focusing on the service. But they are not bad. They can actually be a great tool to help teach and build relationship. We even did a silly band party at our church and it went amazingly well.
    So is Santa a distraction from the true meaning of Christmas. He can be sometime. But he can also be a great tool to building realationships with in you community and sharing the love of Jesus through giving!

  15. says

    I don’t do Santa with the kids at all. We just don’t talk about it. I don’t put up decorations with Santa on them. I don’t do crafts that are related to Santa… we just don’t do Santa. I’ve never been a fan actually, even as a kid. The focus is on Jesus and His Birthday.

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