“Story of Elijah” Coloring Page

Story of Elijah coloring page
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This free storyboard illustration sheet recounts several of the key stories about the prophet Elijah. They include raising the widow’s son, God providing food, the showdown with Baal’s prophets, and the chariot of fire.

Directions: Right click on the links above to download each page in this project. Have the children coloring the main story sheet and then cut the boxes to fit into the numbered sheet.

We hope you enjoy these Elijah coloring sheets. You can leave a comment below to share your appreciation for Mandy and her artwork. For more, browse our collection of sequence Bible story cards.

Click above to download
Click above to download

For more resources about the prophet Elijah, be sure to check out our free materials. You can start with Elijah and the Widow lesson plan for children


  1. Frank King says

    The lesson was put together very well. I will be using it in Junior Church and also adapt it for the nursing home service I do on Sunday afternoons.

  2. Katie Faulkner says

    Thank you so much for these! I love these pictures that tell a story. A neat thing i learned is you can color these..”laminate” with contact paper (you can just get that at walmart in the kitchen supply section. Its the stuff you line drawers with) and stick a piece of magnet on the back (you can also buy a roll of sticky magnet stuff at walmart in the art supply section). Then your kids can play with the story on the fridge or you can tell it flannel graph style but using a cookie sheet insead! Hide all the pieces on the back and bring one out at a time as you tell the story. I did this with the easter story and my three year old loved it!

  3. debora says

    Thank you very much for your wonderful resource. I am going to use with my children in Sunday school. Blessing


  4. Gabriela says

    Thank you for your help. I ask God to continue blessing you!

  5. Salina Putmon says

    Thank you for making this available I needed a craft for tomorrow. Now all I need to do is go find a printer.

    Best Regards

  6. cherie says

    Thank you for this coloring sheets and activity. My sunday school students have enjoyed coloring bible story sheets since i started introducing them to these activities whenever it was my turn to teach them. These really helps me a lot. And i also want to commend you for putting in simple and easy-to-memorize bible verses. Hope God will continue to bless you with more ideas to help us Sunday School teachers.

    God bless you.:)

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