God Made the Summer Coloring Page

God Made Summer coloring PagesI asked Mandy to come up with some seasonal coloring pages that gave honor to God. Here is the first in that series. This fun picture will remind kids that Summer is one of God’s good ideas and we should give Him thanks in all seasons.

Directions: Click on the image above to download this resource as a printer friendly PDF file. Alternately, you can download the image as a jpeg image file (813K) if you want to resize or paste it into a Word Document.

If you enjoy this free printable coloring page, then leave a comment below to let us know how you used it. It might be helpful for a Sunday School class in the summertime. Maybe you just printed it at home for your kids. Either way let us know.

This Summer coloring page shows a backyard scene complete with a family swimming pool. The little girls is wearing a swim suit and hat. The boy is swimming in the water with goggles. There is also a table with lemonade for the children. You will notices several small butterflies in the white spaces.  Here is the prayer poem written on the page:


God’s to thank-
He made them all!

Need More Coloring Pages? Then browse our complete list of Sunday School Coloring Pages, you will also enjoy Mandy’s illustrated days of creation coloring pages.


    • May Jackson says

      What a good idea to teach children that it is God who made the seasons. I will be using all four this sunday. Thank you

  1. Donneta Brown says

    Thank you for all the resource that you provided for free for children ministry this is greatly appreciated and the kids really enjoy it also. God Bless

  2. Pamela says

    I am using the spring summer and fall coloring page to start out my Sunday school series on the beauties of the world and how god gives it all to us to enjoy and care for our earth.

  3. holly stokes says

    I’m going to use it for my class as a morning starter before going on to the assembly on change. Thank you for your resources ;)

  4. Robert Okwakol says

    Time is one of the hard things to teach children but making them understand the benefits of the sun, heat, the moon, beauty in the sky as God’s creation is very interesting though. Thank you.

  5. Gill Butler says

    thanks for this I will use it in a mother/carer toddler group next week. Great ideas and I love to use them

  6. Kaye Mayes says

    Mandy is so talented. thank you Mandy for using the talents God gave you to help me and my students.

  7. Bobbi Cousins says

    I use and appreciate the additions with the lesson plans, the coloring pages. They are all ministering facets of teaching the word of God to the children. Thank you.

  8. James says

    Just recently started a kids church and this website has so far been a huge blessing. Thank for your ministry. Grace and peace

  9. Gina says

    Thank you for the lovely coloring pages. I am using it for our home school group “Seasons” lesson.

  10. Kate says

    Beautiful colouring pages – this is the first website I come to when looking for gentle, appropriate Christian colouring pages.

  11. Joleen Pretorius says


    thank you very much for the chance to be able to use your colour-in pages. I will use this in our Sunday School class. I always for the internet for assitance and ideas as to how to keep the kids busy, to teach them. I dont have any experience with Sunday School, but am doing great with the possitive comments that I get.

    thanks for a website as yours, helping us.

    Regards in Christ,

  12. althea hargrove says

    I like the site. it gives me ideas for teaching the kids. we are a small church with little funds so I try to find things on line for the kids and this is a blessing to me.

  13. Nadean Young says

    Thank you so very much for all you do to make God’s message easy to deliver to Children…..May God Bless

  14. Elder Janet Morris says


    I printed the Summer coloring page to use in our Toddlers Class to teach how God created the seasons.

    Elder Morris

  15. Erica B. says

    Thank you so much for this picture! I usually teach 6th grade but I am filling in for a friend in the preschool class this week and love everything I was able to find at Ministry-to-Children.com!

  16. Susan Holbrook says

    I used this coloring page on Sunday as part of our lesson—I also used the Memorial Day lesson you posted—-what a blessing you all are to those of us who minister to children and their families.

  17. bp says

    Great picture, thank you! I printed it for my son to color this summer and send in the mail to cheer his great grandmother.

  18. Becky S. says

    Mandy has a wonderful feeling for what children enjoy, and her drawings are so refreshing. I’m bringing this picture to Sunday School today, as I know the kids will love it and learn from it.

    Thank you so much!

  19. Linda Caldwell says

    Loved the memorial day lesson, great way to tie in the stone to remembering our soldiers there faithfulness.

    thanks God Bless,

    Sunday school teacher

  20. Tina says

    I love it!

    She is just a great little artist!

    God Bless and these are Great things for God!


  21. linda bvryant says

    What a blessing your ministry has been to me and the children I teach. Thank you, thank you and God bless you!

  22. says

    Thanks for the picture! Summer is an interesting time for our nursery class, lots of people on vacation (including our regular staff) and lots of visitors! I am always looking for little craft ideas like this to provide for the preschoolers to add to their church experience and continue to share the truth of God with them.
    Thanks for all the support and ideas you provide to all of us who minister to kids!:)

  23. Lisa says

    Thank you for the cute summer coloring sheet.
    Our church has a HUGE church picnic in August
    and I will be using it for our preschoolers that day.

  24. Shertaurus says

    I really appreciate your coloring pages, they are a great way to keep the kids busy as they learn.

  25. Dolores Moore says

    Mandy is so talented, enjoy her pictures and sharing them with my Children’s Ministry.

  26. julia says

    in the words of the great poet –

    “Thanks! Thanks! and Thanks again!”


  27. Jerilyn says

    Thanks! I do summer mailings for my students and this is a welcomed addition to this month’s packet! How fun!!!

  28. Mollie Sinclair says

    Love all of Mandy Groce’s pages. They’s a lot going on in them so the kids really enjoy them. Great pictures!

  29. Madeleine Hurricks says

    Thanks for all your helpful ideas. Have a great Summer. As most of our church family (expat in Hong Kong) go away for the summer we have a core of children around. This year we took a different country each Sunday (national days nearby like July 1st (Canada) 4th and July 14th France etc.) Kids stay in church and we have amazing nature facts, a hero of the faith story, prayer pointers for the country, and after “sword drill’ (=finding the Bibe reading) the children have an activity during the sermon- lots of pictures to stick into a booklet (thanks for that idea!) and after church some typical food from the country. Thanks for your passion for reaching children!!!! Love from HK!


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