Will You Practice Sin or Right Living? Object Lesson for Kids

One of my biggest frustrations is when kids know right & wrong but choose to do wrong anyway. This drives me crazy, especially when it’s just a small temptation that wins them over. So, I began to brainstorm a way to teach about the practical effects of sin even when they don’t get caught.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration featuring my son David. You can also click here to add your own thoughts or suggestions for this object lesson.

Supplies Needed: One child to volunteer (preferably a kid who plays basketball) and a basketball.

Gospel Connection: Don’t let this object lesson come down to only behavior. This tenancy for all of us to choose sin shows us the need for Jesus. We are all born sinners and practice doing wrong all our lives. It takes the power of the Gospel to remove our guilt and change our inward desires. Then we can begin to practice right living.

Scripture Connection: This can be used with any Bible lesson about doing right or growing in God’s ways. Here are a few Bible verses that come to mind when I think of these truths.

Little children, let no one deceive you. Whoever practices righteousness is righteous, as he is righteous. (1 John 3:7 ESV)

For the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish. (Psalm 1:6)


  1. Marian Mobley says

    Love the concept! You could also use practicing a musical instrument or practicing to learn a memory verse, etc.

  2. Renee says

    I liked the basketball video – my ministry kids are into soccer – I will be using soccer to demonstrate the point during our retreat in a couple of weeks. Thanks for listening to the call.

  3. Connie Ricks says

    I am using your Freedom From Sin lesson for children’s church this Sunday. I wanted to view the video of your son & the basketball but for some reason, the video is not showing up. Could you please tell how you used this demonstration with this lesson. I have children in my class that play church basketball & thought this would be a great way to really make a big impression with this lesson. Thanks for your help and I love this website!!!!

  4. Mrs. Barkell says

    Hey! Thanks for the basketball and practicing sin and righteousness object lesson. I am using it with my drama team as they teach chapel at a Christian school! Very good!

  5. Nancy Harrell says

    I enjoyed your object lesson with your on and the basketball. I think this is a great lesson to share with our children. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Al Enriquez says

    Hello Mr. Kummer,

    Thank you for this website which has been SO MUCH help to me as a Children’s Pastor. I’m thankful God planted the seed in your mind & heart for this awesome tool and that you followed through.

    Our Children’s Ministry is small. 10-17 (3rd-6th grade) on Sundays & 3-8 on Wednesday nights. We need Bibles. Often,half the class has an NIV & the other half a NKJV, which ALWAYS leads to kids yelling out, “My bible doesn’t say that!” :-)

    Let me cut to the chase. Would you happen to know of any organization that gives or sells Bibles at a discounted rate? Our Church can’t afford to purchase them at the moment.

    Our Children’s Ministry Leader quit without notice last week and I feel the Lord is leading me (and my wife who is an elementary school teacher) to take over the ministry. Your website has been preparing me for this calling I believe. May God continue to bless you and thank you for your time sir.


    ‘Coach’ Al Enriquez

    (I’ve coached youth basketball for 17 years, all ages, boys & girls, beginners to high school varsity, CIF & AAU. I LOVE IT!)

  7. Evelyn Moss says

    This is my first time to use this. I do teach children on Wednesday evenings, mostly children who are also learning English as a second language, so the stories must remain simple.

  8. says

    Do you have anything on the site now where all the object lessons are on one page? Organized by title/lesson taught? Love the site and so thankful for the time and effort to bring such a great resource to churches!

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