Ideas for a 4th of July Party at Kids Church

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Kids Fourth of July Party Picnic
Here’s another 4th of July idea for your children’s ministry or Sunday School.
School is over but now you’ve got to contend with family vacations and lower church attendance in your ministry. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but you do need to keep the excitement level up during the summer months. Hosting a 4th of July party at kids church is a win-win idea! This holiday gives you a great subject to teach on and who can resist all those red, white and blue decorations. Celebrate this summer holiday in your ministry with these simple (and sometimes delicious) ideas.
Inexpensive Fourth of July Party Ideas
Don’t buy patriotic flower arrangements (so expensive). Instead fill clear vases and bowls with colorful berries like strawberries. Besides looking seasonal, kids will love snacking on these. Have some fruit dip on hand for dipping.
Jazz up the decorations with red, white and blue plastic forks and paper ware. Don’t forget the flag napkins. Besides serving as decorations, they are also needed accoutrements for a party.
Place inexpensive red, white and blue candles on the tables. You could also buy cheap bags of red glass hearts or patriotic confetti to toss on the tables.
Fill sand pails halfway with sand. Poke US flags in the sand for table decorations. These are also useful for party games too. Put the pails at a finish line and have kids run to the end of the line to grab the flag and run back.
Make red, white and blue bean bags and use for tossing games. Place a flag blanket (not the actual flag) or a patriotic tablecloth on the floor and have kids toss the bean bags on areas of matching color.
Ask Moms (and Dads) to bring cupcakes frosted with white frosting. You provide the red, white and blue sprinkles and let kids decorate the treats before they eat them.
Prepare hotdogs and wrap them individually. Serve them with ketchup and mustard.
What a great time to build better relationships with parents and families. Invite parents to hang out and play some games. It’s a great time to host some summer fun.
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