6 Christmas Outreach Ideas for Kids Church

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One of the things I love most about Christmas (besides the Nativity story, children and presents) is the opportunity it presents for outreach. Too often I think, we focus on bringing holiday joy to our regular group and forget about the rest. However, it is really the perfect time to meet and reach new children and families. Expand your ministry horizons and do a bit more than host a Christmas party. Try one of these Christmas outreach ideas!
Angel Breakfast: Have children that like to sing in your group? Gather them together and lead an angel choir. It is simple enough to dress up kids like angels and most children are familiar with many holiday songs. Ask a few volunteers to cook pancakes and let the angels serenade them. I like this inexpensive, fun outreach idea for a kids’ ministry.
Free Gift Wrapping: Setup a free gift-wrapping stand in your church parking lot, at a community center or in front of a department store. When another business is involved, always ask permission first. Explain that your wrapping service is free! It’s a fun way to meet families and kids.
Holiday Wrap Giveaway: Collect scotch tape, gift wrap and ribbons for the holidays. Advertise a gift-wrap give away on Facebook or other social media. Present visitors who attend church with a bundle of goodies. I was surprised at how many people wanted to participate in this, both giving and receiving.
Christmas Caroling: Maybe not the most original idea but who does this anymore? I love leading our kids on caroling trips. I work with members of our church to find good addresses and neighborhoods. It helps if they let the neighborhood know we are headed their way. I schedule the caroling visits and off we go! What a fun way to get kids involved in outreach!
Candy Cane Giveaways: These candy icons are inexpensive and everyone loves them. Hand out candy canes at the local grocery store. (Ask for permission first of course.) Tell everyone Merry Christmas and have 1/4 page fliers ready to hand out. Invite kids to your church’s Christmas events.
Gingerbread Builds: Have a gingerbread house building competition. I like to advertise for a few weeks beforehand. Then I have the event on an off-church night like Saturday. It’s a great activity that keeps kids busy while parents shop. Take lots of pictures and give away blue ribbons for each group.
Don’t pass up the chance to reach new kids during Christmas. You’ll build excitement and the church!

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