6th Commandment Coloring Page: You Shall Not Murder

This PDF coloring sheet is part of the Ten Commandments Coloring Book for kids. It’s part of our large selection of free resources that teach the 10 commandments for kids.

6th Commandment Coloring Page - You Shall Not Murder
You Shall Not Murder Coloring Page – 6th Commandment – Click above for PDF download

Again this is a tough concept to illustrated especially when preschoolers will be using this printable. We err on the side of positive for these. Parents can elaborate as needed. My thoughts for the 6th were that the little girl is caring for the life of the bird, rather than endangering it. This is inspired by Exodus 20:13.

For most kids, protecting and taking care of life is the simple application. In our simplified 10 Commandments we write “Do Not Kill People” but this illustration brings out the broad lesson. In this command, God requires us to respect life. This means avoiding the unnecessary taking of life and the protection of life. This is how Christians have typically applied the principles of these commands to all of life.

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