Bible Activities: Build a Sentence Game

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whiteboardAs a busy children’s pastor, I know how time can escape you when preparing for a lesson. I can always use some fresh ideas for class, especially activities. If you need some Bible activities, try the Build a Sentence game. All you need is the printed list of sentences and kids will need their Bibles. I created these games using the NIV but you could very easily use the KJV with a little extra work.
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To play this game, hide the list and hand out the bibles or ask kids to open theirs. Tell kids to get a pencil and paper ready. You will call out the book, chapter, verse and word and they must write it down. At the end of the activity, they should have a whole sentence to read. This activity may be done alone or in small groups. Encourage kids to keep their findings quiet. Everyone should have a chance to uncover the message.
Sentence 1: Jesus Is Lord

  • Jesus: Matthew 1:1, word 6
  • Is: Isaiah 1:7, word 3
  • Lord: Genesis 2:16 word 3

Sentence 2: Jesus saved my soul

  • Jesus: Matthew 9:1, word 1
  • Saved: Judges 3:33, word 19
  • My: Psalm 55:2, word 6
  • Soul: Deuteronomy 4:29; word 27

Sentence 3: Jesus loves me.

  • Jesus: John 1:47, word 2
  • Loves: Luke 7:5, word 3
  • Me: Genesis 9:13, word 19

Sentence 4: Jesus will return for you and I

  • Jesus: Matthew 8:7, word 1
  • Will: Romans 10:11, word 9
  • Return: Joshua 2:16, word 23
  • For: John 3:16, word 1
  • You: 2 Chronicles 19:6, word 24
  • And: Proverbs 3:5, word 9
  • I: Genesis 1:29. word 5

So what does this teach kids? Searching for specific words to create sentences help kids become familiar with the books of the Bible and God’s Word. They will have fun and not even realize that they are actually learning something valuable for their souls. you can create your own sentences just by using an online bible or a bible app on your phone. First, write a sentence then search for each word individually. Jot down the book, chapter, verse and word. That’s it. This is a fun activity that my kids love to play again and again.
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