Bible Verses about Giving

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One day, I decided that the kids in my class on a Wednesday night needed to have some practice looking up verses in their Bible. They also needed a lesson on giving. So I decided to combine the two into a Bible Verse look up on giving.
I gave them the rules:

  • Before I say each new verse, their Bible have to be closed
  • They try their best and keep trying

Then we began.
They made it a competition to see who could find the verse first, which just made it more exciting. I have two boys who have a good knowledge about their Bible and how to find things and another one who doesn’t really know. I had to keep a tab on their competition so to not make the other feel bad and give up. But he didn’t. He had a great attitude and just want to be able to find the verses. He worked really hard and he even beat the others time, which made him feel great about himself.
This time, I had a list of specific verses that I wanted them to look up and read. They all had to do with giving. I had one of them read the verse and then we all discussed its meaning before moving on to the next verse.
They really enjoyed the game and they got great practice with their Bibles.
Here is the list of Bible verse that I had them look up regarding giving:
(I mixed up the order so that they were jumping all over their Bibles)
Genesis 1:29
Genesis 3:12
Exodus 20:12
1 Samuel 1:11
Psalm 17:1
Isaiah 9:6
Matthew 6:11
Matthew 15:36
Mark 8:37
Luke 6:38
John 3:16
John 14:27
John 19:30
Acts 3:6
Acts 20:35
Ephesians 5:20
1 Timothy 2:6
For more ideas, search our website for giving lessons. Our free lesson plan about the love of money has been very popular along with the coloring page on Matthew 6:24.

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