Candy Cane Christmas Games for Sunday School

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Themed lessons are ideal for Sunday School–especially during major holidays like Christmas! Delicious and colorful candy canes are easy to find and they make good props for Sunday School lessons and games. Fill in those blank slots in your classroom schedule with candy cane Christmas games. Keep a stash of canes on hand throughout the holiday season and try these silly activities.
Wrap It: For this Sunday School game, you’ll need the hooked type of candy canes, wrapping paper, safety scissors and tape. (Keep spirits bright by playing some Christmas music softly in the background.) Give each child a candy cane, a 1-foot section of wrapping paper, tape and safety scissors. If you have a large class but a limited budget, choose two children to represent the class, one boy and one girl.
When you give the signal, the children must wrap the candy canes. The child to wrap the candy cane completely (no cane can show) and place it on your desk first is the winner. You should allow all children to wrap up their candy canes and you can take them up and hand them out to students as they leave!
Candy Cane Catch: This sweet game requires candy canes and shortbread or sugar cookies with the center cut out of them. Butter ring cookies work wonderful and make good treats too. Pair kids up for the Candy Cane Catch. One child holds the candy cane while the other child attempts to toss his cookies on the cane. Set a time limit like one minute and see who has the most cookies caught.
Candy Cane Tree Game: You need a Christmas tree (a mini desk tree will do) a few boxes of candy canes and some upbeat Christmas music. Choose a volunteer to come put candy canes all over the tree while you close your eyes and count to ten. The fastest tree decorator gets a special prize. (You can also see who removes the candy canes fastest too!
I hope you enjoy these candy game ideas. I look forward to playing them again this year with my class!
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