Celebrating Kids' Ministry Leaders on Pastor Appreciation Day

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Celebrating Children's Minister
Working in Christian ministry is unlike any other career choice. Working in a store, serving food or working at a desk job, rarely demands the level of service of ministry requires; children’s ministry insists that you leave little bits of your heart behind. (For the record, I’ve done all these jobs and proudly so!) Pastors give of themselves and often 24/7. The children’s pastor goes home thinking about the kid he suspects is being mistreated at school. She prays for the health and well-being of little ones who are not her own.  While it’s a happy sacrifice they make, it is nice to occasionally hear, “Thank you,” or “You made a difference,” because they people they serve can rarely articulate this kind of gratitude coherently. Encourage your kids’ ministry team by holding a children’s pastor appreciation day. You can lead the charge and encourage a pastor who might be thinking of giving up.
You might be asking yourself, is this really necessary? Do we need one more “special day” for ministry leaders? I can vouch for all those willing souls who put themselves in the mix every week, they deserve all the kindness and appreciation you can give. Even though they spend their time surrounded by kids and volunteers, it can get lonely, being the leader.
Show these hardworking individuals how much you appreciate them with these ideas.

  1. Collect video testimonials from kids. Show the video in “big” church and send a copy home with the children’s pastor.
  2. Recognize the children’s pastor–in front of the adults.
  3. Send him on a vacation–even if it’s only for an overnight trip.
  4. Buy him or her a dinner gift card and offer to babysit his or her children.
  5. Cover his or her desk with gifts. (Tell parents and kids about the idea a few weeks ahead of time so they can participate.)
  6. Give him or her a surprise party.
  7. Shower him or her with praise. That’s a gift we should never be stingy with.

(Just to be clear, buying equipment for the children’s church, curriculum or supplies are not appropriate gifts for children’s pastor appreciation day.)
If you currently serve in children’s ministry, I want to personally thank you. Thank you for telling children that Jesus loves them. Thank you for every glued cotton ball and cut up paper plate. Thank you for every Bible story, even it appears that no one is listening. Thank you for picking up a child for Sunday School. Thank you for all you do!
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