How to Hug a Children's Pastor

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How to Hug a Children's Pastor
Children’s pastors will never tell you this but they love a good hug. Hugs say “I appreciate you,” and “Whatever you’re going through, I care.” A good hug can even say, “I’ve got your back!” However, there are actually many ways to give a children’s pastor a hug. Some don’t involve physical body contact. Ready to show some love to you favorite children’s minister? I know five ways you can hug a children’s ministry volunteer.

  1. Invite kids and send your kids to church. Yeah, that’s a big ol’ hug! Affirm your children’s pastor by demonstrating that you trust him to teach the kids you know–and your kids. How hard would it be to invite a few kids from the neighborhood? Or bring your sister’s kids? Or your brother’s children?
  2. Get excited about the program or a special event. Give a hug by showing your excitement for his or her ministry. Yep, your excitement IS contagious! Share it with your kids and everyone in the church. Your excitement could stir everyone up!
  3. Read the bulletin or the newsletter and talk about it with the kids. Give a children’s pastor a hug by using the tools he or she offers for your home ministry. Here’s an even bigger hug–offer to help with the newsletter or bulletin. (And of course, follow up on that offer.)
  4. Help out in some small way. Even if you can’t actually volunteer to help with a class, offer to decorate the classroom, bag up treats, tidy up the bathroom or whatever you can think. Sometimes children’s ministry can get lonely. Your participation is appreciated, no matter how small.
  5. Hug them. Okay it bears repeating. Sometimes you can’t beat a plain old hug but remember, everyone is different. Not everyone likes hugging but I can guarantee that he or she will love, love, love the other four ideas.

Those are just a few ideas you can use to show some love. I’m sure there are a ton more. How do you hug your children’s pastor?
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