Charades Bible Character Game to Encourage Bible Knowledge

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Charades Bible Character Game to Encourage Bible Knowledge
It’s almost the end of school and my Wednesday night class is getting more and more fidgety. A few weeks ago, they were really having a difficult time in class and so I decided to stop the lesson and let them get up and move. I didn’t want chaos, so I started a game. I had them think of their favorite Bible character. Then I had them think of a way that they could show that to the class. We started doing Charades in class and, to my surprise, they loved it! They wanted to keep doing it and doing it! I even got requests the next week to do it again.
I like this game for a few reasons:

  • I have children in my class with a wide range of knowledge about the Bible.
  • I have a wide range of ages in my class.
  • I have mostly boys who like to move and talk all the time.

This game was great because they had to sit quietly to think of their character and how to act it out. Then they were able to take turns and get up to act their character out. They also had to think hard to try to figure out what their classmates were acting out. All the kids were able to think of at least one person in the Bible because they all know about Jesus. All of the kids were able to do this and they all felt good about themselves knowing the Bible.
This is a great game that doesn’t take any preparation and can be played as long as you need. Try this game to encourage knowledge of Bible characters in your classroom!
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