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printable poem about children's ministry

Children’s ministry is a calling!

“The Calling” is a encouraging poem you can print and share in you church. It describes the struggles and joys of being a kids pastor. Later I learned that poem was written by Roger Fields of Kidz Blitz ministries – who was one of my heroes in children’s ministry.

6 reasons to serve in God's kids

How to find volunteers for your church’s kids ministry.

In most churches, finding volunteers for is a constant struggle. This is one major roadblock to growth on Sundays. Most childrens ministers spend hours recruiting for Sunday school, church nursery, vacation Bible school, and other children’s ministry programs. That’s why we wrote this article, “6 Reasons to Serve in Kids Ministry.”

2019 children's ministry statistics

Why is childrens ministry so important?

We surveyed 400 children ministry leaders and analyzed the latest research. Here’s what we learned about the value of childrens ministry. Jesus loves the little ones – that’s why we love to serve in this mission. Every person (no matter their age) was created to have a personal relationship with Christ.

children's ministry is important to Jesus

What are the benefits of children’s ministry?

Your kids ministry is important. That’s why we started writing down this list of the 68 benefits of children’s church, Sunday School, and all kids ministry programs. We hope this article will encourage everyone at your church to invest in the next generation.

What childrens ministers are saying about Ministry-To-Children

  • Main Objective: The story of Philip and the Ethiopian is a fascinating encounter among many in the book of Acts. Through it we see how the Holy Spirit guides us and equips us to carry out His work. It is important for us to have the courage and willingness to share the Gospel with others, […]
  • I’ve just signed off on the final edits for our latest children’s ministry curriculum titled “Unbreakable,” and I’m excited to share the news (and sample lesson below). I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with our community today. This 4-week study is available for churches, Sunday schools, and Christian educators to download and use. This […]
  • Actions Speak Louder… Kids’ Bible Lesson on 1 John 3 “Love in Action – 1 John 3:16-24” is a Christian teaching resource that aims to help children understand God’s love and how they can show that love to others. The lesson emphasizes the importance of loving others, not just with words but with actions. It […]
  • If you’re looking for some exciting activities to teach children about the Bible, you’ve landed on the right page! Whether you’re a Sunday school teacher, parent, or guardian, having a bunch of fun activities can help kids understand and engage with biblical stories and concepts in a more effective way. We’ve compiled a list of […]
  • Easter is a season of renewal and reflection, and what better way to engage with the spirit of this holy time than through a fun, educational activity that bridges generations? I’m excited to offer you a Free Easter Bible Word Search Printable PDF – a perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment for kids and adults. […]
  • “An Unusual Parade -Triumphant Entry – Mark 11:1-11 NIV” is a Bible lesson and activity pack for children focusing on the Palm Sunday story. The lesson explores how Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was a different kind of parade, not what people expected, and how He still came to save and serve people humbly. The lesson […]
  • I wrote this lesson I wanted to share, which I think you could use in your Sunday school classes, too. It’s all about change and how even though some things feel different sometimes, Jesus is always the same. You know how life gets a little crazy sometimes? Everything is always changing, right? Whether it’s stuff […]
  • Discover the wonder of God’s creation and help young minds appreciate it too! You can download our free lesson plan based on Psalm 19:1-14. It is packed with fun activities, engaging crafts, and insightful discussions, and is designed for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The lesson plan fosters an understanding of God’s laws, appreciation […]
  • Can you feel the excitement? Easter is just days away, and it’s time to plan a powerful kids’ church session that will truly reflect the power of our Risen Savior. That’s why I want to share a few of my favorite tracks below. Enjoy this playlist of Easter Songs for Kids Church, perfect for Children’s […]
  • In the ever-evolving landscape of children’s ministry, selecting the right curriculum for your church’s needs is crucial. Whether you’re looking for free resources or considering a paid program, numerous options are available that cater to preschool and elementary age groups. Here, we’ll explore some of the best children’s church curricula for 2024. Free Children’s Church […]

5 reasons why kids need children's church

5 Reasons Why Kids Need Children’s Church

Kid church or big church? That is the question many parents are asking lately. When I began in children’s ministry, back in 1997, (oh my!) age specific programs weren’t wildly popular in my area but over the years, the trend has caught on. Now I am happy to report we have some amazing ministries that reach and growth.

4 myths about children's pastors

The Top 4 Myths About Children’s Pastors

The childrens pastor is like magical unicorns, strange creatures that are largely misunderstood — that is if you believe the myths about them. Having been involved in ministry for over 20 years I can assure you that I have heard just about everything. I am not offended by what I have heard just amused […]

how to start right on a new church job

How to Start Right as the New Ministry Director

Starting in a new job is intimidating anyway, but a new job in a new church with new people can be overwhelming.  There are things that you can do right away that can set you up for success in ministry. Consider this a strategy for long-term success.  There are also things that you can do that can get your children’s ministry set off […]

We’re not the only source of articles, lessons, and activity ideas to help your kids’ ministry. Below are some other excellent blogs & websites that we strongly recommend. The articles below are all offsite links and will take you away from our site (but we hope you come back soon!). These are places we recommend and trust for their quality curriculum, training, ideas, and resources.

Kids’ Ministry FAQs

How much does a children’s minister make?

According Children’s Ministry Magazine: The full-time salary range was $40,000 to $44,999. While the part-time range was less than $10,000 to $14,999. Compensations vary widely based on gender, education, church size, marital status, and locations.

What does a children’s pastor do?

The job description of a children’s pastor includes oversight of church program for kids and support of parents in their role of family discipleship. This position includes volunteer recruitment, curriculum selection, event planning (camps and VBS), and outreach visitation. In most cases, the children’s pastor reports to the senior pastor. They collaborate with youth ministry leadership to ensure a smooth transition from the elementary to the middles school departments.

What is a junior church?

Junior church is another term used for children’s church. This is a separate program for kids offered during the adult worship service. Typically components include age-appropriate teaching, fun crafts, learning actives and child-friendly worship music. Attendees are taught to use their Bibles and hear messages centered on the basics of Christianity.

How do you become a children’s minister?

In larger congregations, the credentials are equivalent to public school teachers. This includes a Bachelor’s Degree and an advanced degree from a Christian College or Seminary. In smaller churches, often parents are hired as part-time children’s ministry jobs. Many careers start as parents who serve as volunteers for their local congregation. Only later do they receive special training from denominational conferences.

Do Sunday School teachers get paid?

No: In most churches, the Sunday School teacher is a volunteer position. There are some exceptions for large congregations, popular guest speakers, or when a paid staff pastors leads a class. There are a growing number of online Sunday School classes, where the teacher uses digital media and downloads to make class access easy for everyone.

What is the purpose of Sunday School?

Sunday School is an ongoing program of Christian Education with the aim of forming lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Bible studies are offered in separate age groups patterned after public education. Done right, participants discover their spiritual gifts and find practical ways to serve Christ. In some churches, Sunday School has an evangelistic component where those curious about the Christian Faith can learn and ask questions.

What is children’s ministry? (Kids Ministry)

Many Christian Churches, offer programs and events for children. These actives are normal separate from the main adult worship service of the congregation. This is a specific emphasis of Christian Education, to ensure the next generation believes and follows the teaching of their parents.

What is #KidMIN

This is an often used abbreviation for kids ministry used on social media platforms. Kidmin means ministry to kids.

In short – telling kids about Jesus!

Ideas for Children’s Ministry