Choosing a Name for Your Kids' Ministry

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As ancestors of Adam, we get the desire to name things honest. (Imagine having the privilege of naming all the animals on the planet?) I don’t know about you but when the chance to name something arises, I can’t help but get excited. Over my near two decades of experience, I have had quite a few opportunities to name a new ministry or project. Some refer to this as “branding” but I think it is just a great way to excite kids and volunteers. A good name is a clear banner everyone can rally under!
I follow this format when I need to develop a new ministry name.
What’s the mission of the ministry, specifically? All children’s ministries want to “reach kids” and “save the lost.” You need specifics. For example, one ministry I was involved with had a strong teaching focus that utilized all kinds of teaching methods. We end up with TNT: Teaching and Training That Rocks. I loved that ministry, it’s still going!
Does your mission complement the church mission? No, your kids’ church isn’t the mini church but it’s mission should complement the central church’s mission. Do they work together?
Should you change a name? If you pick up the role of pastor in an established ministry the thought of changing the name may have crossed your mind. In some cases, this is a good idea. Especially, if the ministry never got off the ground or the name is too identifiable with the former pastor. On the other hand, if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t change a name just so you can experience ownership. Remember kids like normalcy.
Acronym or words? Acronyms are acceptable names if they represent a clear idea. At one church I attended the Wednesday night ministry was called GANG, God’s Anointed Now Generation. Some newcomers weren’t sure about the name but the kids loved it. Clever acronyms aren’t a must. A good name like “Sunlight Road” or “Kids Tank” are fun too!
Don’t be in a hurry. Picking a name in haste isn’t recommended. You can end up with something that sounded okay on paper but in real life falls short. God cares about the name too. Don’t forget to consult Him about the naming process. Be open to any suggestions He has. It’s best to create a list of names, or at least a few choices, before picking one for sure. I recommend “sleeping on” your decision before announcing it.

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