Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Sunday School

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Bulletin Board IdeaDon’t abandon your faithful bulletin board this Christmas! Bulletin boards make terrific hubs for sharing holiday information and giving special Christmas messages. What message is more special than the news Jesus was born?
This Christmas, turn a boring, bulletin board into something everyone will be talking about. Kids will run to class every week just to see what you’ve posted. Add new details to the board frequently to make the enjoyment last for the entire month of December.
Gift Bag Board: Give this board a name like “Celebrating the Gift of God” or “We Bring Gifts to the King.”

  1. Cover the board with gold wrapping paper.
  2. Staple silver tinsel garland  around the edges of the board.
  3. Use clear push pins to secure gift bags of blue and purple and gold, to signify royalty, around the board.
  4. Hide candies and trinkets in the bags.
  5. Stuff tissue paper of gold or silver into the tops of the bags to hide the treats.
  6. Each week invite kids to take one treat from one bag.

You could place a special bag in the center for kids to put in handmade notes to God, thanking Him for His Son.
Peppermint Candy Board: You could give this board a theme like, “The Sweetest Christmas Ever,” or “Have a Sweet Christmas.”

  1. Cover the bulletin board with red craft paper. Cover that with a layer of red or clear cellophane to make it crinkly.
  2. Take pictures of all your children, one at a time. Print a copy of each face. Cut the faces out in the shape of a neat circle.
  3. Glue the photos to discs of white posterboard the same size as the photos.
  4. Wrap each photo with red cellophane paper like a peppermint candy.
  5. Secure the candy photo at each end with a piece of string.
  6. Staple each candy photo to the board arranging them neatly.

Light of the World: If your bulletin board isn’t located near an electrical plug, use a battery-operated strand of lights

  1. Cover the board with shiny wrapping paper in your favorite Christmas color.
  2. Poke screw hooks around the edge of the board or in the cork.
  3. String Christmas lights on the hooks.
  4. Cut out light bulb shapes from various colors of construction paper.
  5. Write the student’s names on the papers. Have extras ready for new students who may attend.
  6. Draw a silly face or smile on each light bulb.
  7. Arrange the bulbs around the bulletin board.
  8. Create a sign or letters for the center of the board that says, “Shining for Jesus” or “God’s Little Lights.”

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