Father's Day Picture Frame Crafts for Kids

Here come the kids! Are you ready for an exciting service about Father’s Day? Every holiday, I offer my kids a fun crafting opportunity that they can use to gift their families with. Since it’s Dad’s Day, it’s Dad’s turn. We’re currently undergoing some improvements in our facility, and I do like to save money on crafts. Picture frames is … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day Poems and Bible Verses for Cards

A thoughtful card is a wonderful way to commemorate special days like Father’s Day. What a great time to teach kids to honor their fathers! Use the verses to show kids that God is their Heavenly Father and that He loves them! If you’ve decided to lead your kids in a Dad’s Day card craft, have some of these original … More Children’s Ministry Resources

4 Cool Father's Day Craft Ideas

Keep little hands busy with these four cool Father’s Day craft ideas. Send crafty gifts home that fathers and grandfathers will be happy to receive. (No ties and socks this year!) You need a few specialty supplies to make these crafts but most are fairly inexpensive. Painted hammers: A nearby 99 cent store had mini-hammers on sale and I grabbed … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day Games to Play

Father’s Day is approaching. Are you ready to celebrate our Heavenly Father and earthly Dads? What better way to add to the fun than to offer Father’s Day games to play with your kids. I’ve rounded up four, low-cost games that will help you fill in the gaps of your lesson. “Father, May I?” This game is a retake of … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up quick and so I was scouring the internet for craft ideas. Pinterest is a wonderful gathering place of things put on the internet, so it has become my one-stop-shopping for ideas. I have gathered many different ideas from Pinterest hoping that my work can save you time and energy in finding a project. Click here … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Honor Your Father" Bible Lesson (Exodus 20:12)

Father and children playing

This lesson plan explains what it means when the Bible says, “honor your father.” It’s designed for children’s church or Sunday school and would be a perfect lesson to use on Father’s Day. The basic version of this lesson makes it easy to teach with very little preparation or outside materials. We’ve also suggested more activities so you can expand … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Christian Poem for Father's Day

FOR YOU ON FATHER’S DAY by Deirdre Banda For you on father’s day what ever you celebrateFathers have been here in times and seasonsFor you on Father’s Day that’s really greatTo remember you not just on this day but every dayIt’s father Day today for all fathers who have beenHere and gone Your memories live onFathers enjoy your children, draw them … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father’s Day Coloring Sheets (with Diversity)

These two new Father’s Day coloring sheets are perfect for churches with more diversity. Simply click on the preview images above to download either one as a printable PDF file. Don’t forget we have even more free father’s day coloring pages on our website Download the father & son camping sheet as pdf or jpeg Download the tree coloring sheet … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Printable "I Love You Daddy" Cards for Father's Day

Here are three new coloring pages for Father’s Day. Simply click on the preview images below to download each as a printable PDF file. Many churches are using these are Father’s Day cards from their children. Please leave us a comment and share how you’ll use them. The first two pictures also include a simple activity. Children can write out … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day Bible Verses for Cards & Letters

There is no greater source of inspiration than the Bible. More songs, psalms and memorable quotes are found in its pages than in any other book in the world. What better source for finding Father’s Day quotes for cards and letters? Rely on the Bible to bring you truly memorable, meaningful lines for your Sunday School class or yourself to … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Biblical Parenting: 10 Tips for Fathers

Several weeks ago at my church, my eyes were opened to a biblical passage.  It is one that I have read many times, but this particular sermon would cause me to view it in a whole new way.  What I had previously read as a general reprimand to a wayward church now appeared as a model for parenting.  With Father’s … More Children’s Ministry Resources

A Perfect Father's Day (Children's Bible Lesson) John 3:16

This lesson would work for a children’s sermon or message, Sunday School or Children’s Church.  Length could be anywhere from 10-60 minutes, depending upon the activities used. You might also like our Father’s Day coloring pages and craft ideas for Father’s Day. By contributing writer, Nicole VanderMeulen, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Renton, Washington. Learning Objectives: … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father’s Day Sunday School Lesson

Use this lesson plan to teach about Father’s Day in your Sunday School. Dads are so important in God’s plan for the family, but in today’s world some kids simply don’t have that benefit. This lesson is sensitive the tough situation some kids face. It points to our Father God as the ultimate dad – because all human fathers fall … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day Craft (Hand Painting in Sunday School)

If you are looking for a Father’s Day craft this one is sure to be one that all dads will love! Just follow the directions below! This would be a perfect Father’s Day Sunday School craft, but you could use it in various children’s ministry settings. You might also enjoy our father’s day coloring pages and father’s day Sunday School lesson. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

15 Father’s Day Bible Verses

The Bible is clear – fathers must step up and lead their family to follow the LORD. These powerful Bible verses about parenting are exactly the encouragement every man needs to hear this Father’s Day. Don’t miss the free 7-page Father’s Day coloring book. Biblical Advice and Encouragement for Father’s Day What is a good Bible verse for Father’s Day? … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Use these religious coloring pages to help kids show honor to their Dad on Father’s Day. These printable illustrations have options for every age group. If you prefer the JPG image files separate, get the free download bundle in ZIP form the Sunday School Store. Use the link above to download the our free printable coloring pages for Father’s Day. … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father's Day & Kids Who Have Lost Their Dad

I just got an email from a children’s ministry leader asking this question. I thought it was something worth talking about here on the blog. I will offer some advice, but I also want to hear what you would say. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Here is the question: With Father’s Day approaching, I have … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Father’s Day Ideas for Church

Be ready this year – use our ideas below to challenge and encourage dads this father’s day in your church. Don’t miss our free lessons, crafts, games, and coloring pages for Father’s Day. Use this page to plan your Sunday School or Children’s Church lesson for Father’s Day. Here are all most popular free ideas for father’s day at your church. Worship … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s Sermon for Father’s Day

And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Matthew 23:9 What is Jesus telling us when He says “call not man your father on earth?” We celebrate Father’s Day every year because Daddy’s are a special gift given to us by God. Jesus is not saying that we cannot call your Dad … More Children’s Ministry Resources

A Father's Day Sermon On The Fifth Commandment

The following sermon was preached by my pastor, Mike Hamby, on Father’s Day at our church. It was a personal encouragement to me. I trust it may help you too. Don’t miss our full list of Bible verses about Christian parenting . Sermon Title: Honor Your Father and Mother Sermon Text: Exodus 20:12 Sermon Series: The Ten Commandments for Today Date: … More Children’s Ministry Resources