First Day of School Coloring Pages

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Help kids praise God as start an exciting new school year! We’ve combined four of our popular School is back coloring pages into on easy print download below. As always they are 100% free!

First Day of School Coloring Pages (Christian Themes)
Christian “First Day of School” Coloring Sheets

Coloring Sheets about the First Day of School

First Day of School Coloring Sheets
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Use this free coloring page to help children celebrate the first day of the new school year. It shows a simple schoolhouse with a teacher welcoming back her students. It includes the following prayer caption:

Father, help me as I go …
Your Son to serve,
Your love to show!

Directions: Use the following links to download these first day of school coloring pages in the format you prefer.

  • PDF (easy to print)
  • JPEG (better for editing)

We hope you enjoy this free printable. Leave a comment below if you want to share how you will use it in your church, home, or school.

You might also enjoy our back to school coloring pages to give children a few different options. Here is the link to browse all our Christian coloring pages.

Public School Teachers (or Non-English): If you are teaching in a public school, you can use this same coloring page without the prayer text. This might also be helpful for children in other nations who do not read English.

1 thought on “First Day of School Coloring Pages”

  1. I am 74 yrs old and in a wonderful church but the young parents don’t attend church!
    So I volunteer for a three month session and your lessons are an answer to prayer. I taught off and on for years but wanting intuitive and up to date lessons, you came thru for me. It’s a way to dig into the stories of the bible and apply to their life. The class is only 45 mins so don’t like to do games or much craft even tho they need to do some yet coloring keeps them busy while listening. They love to eat something so that too keeps them occupied. I do like to sing a song or teach them a song !!
    Thank You for the peace of not charging!! May this organization be sustained someway for their contribution. May God bless you and my deepest thanks!!!

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