God's People Become Great (Exodus Bible Lesson)

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This kids Bible lesson is about the events leading up to the Exodus. It continues a children’s church curriculum based on The Big Picture Story Bible.  You can modify these lessons for Sunday school or children’s church. This kid’s Bible lesson is offered as a guide for your own teaching. Be sure to modify the content to best fit the children in your ministry.

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About This Exodus Bible Lesson

Learning Objectives: After this Bible lesson, children will demonstrate basic knowledge of the events leading up to the Exodus by answering simple review questions.
Target Age Group: 5 – 10 years old {U.S. Kindergarten – 3rd Grade}
Bible Story: Exodus 1 – 10 (overview)
Teaching Setting: This lesson was first taught in our children’s church on Sunday morning to about 25 children. Before the lesson, the children participated in several songs and group Bible memory exercises. Target length of this lesson is 20 minutes.
Items Needed:

  • Print out this lesson plan. [print_link]
  • The Big Picture Story Bible (or summary of the Bible story in your own words)
  • The numbers 400, 70, 10 displayed on a maker board or sheets of paper.

Explanation: God’s promise to Abraham is the storyline for the rest of the Old Testament. The book of Exodus continues to show God’s faithfulness in keeping his promise. The promised family grows into a large people group, but they become slaves in Egypt and God must act to rescue them.
This lesson plan is part of my series based on The Big Picture Story Bible by David R. Helm and Gail Schoonmaker. These lessons can be used with other story Bibles or by telling the Bible stories in your own words. However, I strongly recommend this book for its excellent illustrations and unifying approach to salvation history.

Teaching Plan: God’s People Become Great
(Big Picture of the Bible Lesson #6)

Introduction / Active Listening: Display the numbers 400, 70, 10 on pieces of paper or a marker board. Ask the children to guess what these numbers mean. After several attempts say:
These numbers are clues to our story. Please listen carefully to see if you can explain what they mean when the story is finished.
Read: “Part 6” from on The Big Picture Story Bible. (Or tell the story of the Exodus 1-10 in your own words emphasizing the answers to the questions below.) Be sure to engage the children with good story telling. Ask unscripted questions to clarify points in the story. The questions under “review” below are the key points for them to understand from the lesson, so be sure to emphasize them as you read.
By The Numbers: The children should be able to explain what the numbers means. 400 was the time they were in Egypt, 70 was the number of family members who went down to Egypt, 10 is the number of plagues God sent (the first nine are in this story with one more coming next week)
Review/Test: Call on volunteers to answer these questions from the story you just read. Some possible answers are written as italics below.

  1. Why did the promised family go down to Egypt? They needed food and God sent Joseph down to save the Egyptians and the promised family.
  2. What parts of God’s promise to Abraham can we see in this story? (God’s People – God’s Place – Bless All People) God’s people kept growing bigger and bigger. But they became slaves and were waiting on their land.
  3. How did Pharaoh treat them? He hated them and made them slaves, even killing some.
  4. How did God take care of them? He heard their prayers and sent someone to rescue them.
  5. What was the job God gave Moses?  He became the leader of God’s people and was to speak God’s words to Pharaoh.
  6. What did God do to make Pharaoh listen to his word? He began to send terrible things against the Egyptians.

True or False: Ask the children to choose which of the following statements are correct. If the statement is correct they should stand, if it is false they should remain seated.

  • God did not know they would become slaves. {False}
  • Because of God’s promise, he would never forget about his people. {True}
  • Pharaoh was strong enough to say no to God. {False}
  • Moses was a super hero with magic powers. {False – he was a normal guy God used.}
  • God always wins, even against strong kings. {True}

Pray: Lead the children in prayer…

Improve This Lesson: If you notice any typing errors, or think of a way to improve this lesson plan – please leave a comment below. Your help is important and makes this website more useful for everyone.

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  1. The download link to many of these lessons from The big Picture Story Bible are broken. It would be very helpful if there was one place to download all the lessons at once. They are perfect for our children’s church. You could also give suggestions for crafts which are in the Big Picture Bible Crafts book by Gail Schoonmaker. They go perfectly together, the Bible book, your lessons and the crafts!

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