God's "Sticky" Eternal Love – Valentine's Day Lesson for Kids

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God’s love for us is extravagant, forever, and incomparable! In this lesson, “God’s ‘Sticky,’ Eternal Love,” children will explore the depth of God’s love for them through bible study, a sticky-note activity, and an energizing seek-and-find game. In addition, the children will learn that the “stickiness” of God’s love is secure, so we can live in assured obedience to his will.

God's "Sticky," Eternal Love (A Valentine's Day Lesson)


OBJECTIVE: To examine the biblical proofs of God’s eternal love so each child may feel affirmed and secure in his forever affection.

MAIN IDEA: God has proven his eternal love for us by sending Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Also, the Lord’s guidance and promises daily assure us of his love.

SCRIPTURE PASSAGES: Romans 5:8, Ephesians 3:17b-19, John 10:27-30

MATERIAL(S): white board, sticky notes, markers, red construction paper, scissors, double-sided tape


Lesson Introduction (10 minutes)

OPENING PRAYER: “God, secure our hearts today in the fullness of your eternal love. Amen.”

ICE BREAKER: Draw a large heart on the white board and give each child a sticky note and a marker. Say, “Today we will learn about God’s eternal, or forever, love for us. But let’s start by identifying the people who love us the most here on earth.” Create an example for yourself and then ask the children to write the name of their chosen person on the sticky note and place it inside the heart on the white board. Once completed, share the reasons behind your chosen person. Then ask each child to tell the class why they chose the person on their sticky note (e.g. “My mom always takes care of me”). Comment, “We know these people love us because their actions and words work together to prove their love, but no human person can love us as much, or forever, as God does.”

Sunday School Lesson on God’s Love (15 minutes)

  1. Ask, “What does the word ‘forever’ mean? It is similar to the word, ‘eternal,’ a bible word which means never-ending and timeless.” Discuss how worldly ideas of “eternal” love (such as marriage) is nothing compared to the fullness of God’s love. Read Romans 5:8. Comment on the uniqueness of God’s action – sending his own son, Jesus, to die for us when we least deserved it. Say, “God’s eternal love gave us Jesus and gives us the chance to have a relationship with him live in heaven for all eternity. No one else on earth can give us this kind of love, because God created everything and is not limited by time.” Give each child another sticky note, ask them to write “Jesus,” and place their new notes inside the heart on the white board.
  2. Next, read Ephesians 3:17b-19. Discuss how a tree’s roots continue reaching deeper and wider into the ground as its limbs grow taller and stronger. Say, “When we actively seek love as our foundation, our faith grows stronger because we better understand the power and fullness of God’s love.” Emphasize that it takes serious effort and energy to truly love others, but God promises we will understand more about his eternal love through the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we obediently serve him. Give each child an additional sticky note, ask them to write “Holy Spirit,” and place their new notes inside the heart on the white board.
  3. Lastly, read John 10:27-30. Ask the children to state the promises God gives us through Jesus’ words (God knows us, gives eternal life, says we’ll never perish, and he won’t let anyone “snatch” us from his hand). Write these additional promises and proofs of God’s eternal love on sticky notes and place them within the heart on the board. Comment, “Look at the full heart! Everything on these sticky notes prove God’s eternal love to us, so we never have to doubt his promises or purposes for our lives.” Further encourage the children to share the truth of God’s eternal love with others. Then finish the lesson by outlining how to become a believer in Jesus Christ in view of God’s eternal love.

Sunday School Game: “Sticky Love” (15 minutes)

Prepare ahead of time by cutting out 10-20 hearts from the red construction paper. Write a characteristic of God’s love on each heart and hide them throughout the classroom. Say, “We are going to play a game that reminds us of God’s forever, eternal, and “sticky” love!” Give each child a 6-inch piece of double-sided tape and ask them to place it somewhere on their clothing. Then tell them to search for the hearts and stick them to the tape as they are found. Once all the hearts are found, reiterate each characteristic of God’s love by discussing each child’s collection! Consider bringing a small prize for the child who finds the most hearts.

Conclusion (5 minutes)

RECAP: God’s eternal love is the greatest love we can ever know. When we accept his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and allow him to teach us new things through our obedience, then we will understand more about God’s forever love.

CLOSING PRAYER: “Lord, thank you for your eternal love! Give us the desire to share your love with others. Amen.”

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