Host a Remote Control Race Car Rally

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Ministry Ideas: Host an R/C rally event at your church.
What kid hasn’t owned a remote control car, truck or ladybug? Just a few days after Christmas, I had the opportunity to hang out with some of my kids. I asked each of them to tell me what they got for Christmas. The toy my kids were most excited about were those wacky remote control cars that flip. *Lightbulb!* In just a few hours, I decided that kids’ church was going to host a remote control race car rally! The following week I had a sign up sheet ready. Kids signed up, assigned silly names to their cars and just a week later our first race car rally happened. What a blast we had.
As far as price goes, this was hands down one of the cheapest ideas I’d had. We pushed our chairs back and created a space for the race track. We decided on a straight track, not one that turned. I used red duct tape for the outside lines and blue for the center line. I taped a red finish and start line. The only other cost were a few small cones we used as obstacles for the race track.
We paired kids off by drawing their names from a bucket. They put their rear wheels on the start line and waited for the flag. After the preliminary races were complete, we had our first round of winners. We paired off the winners until we had a first, second and third place winner.
For prizes, we gave Bible Bucks but an expensive trophy or a giant candy bar would be just as good. We snapped photos of the winners then let everyone back on the race track for free time.
A few things we did learn at our remote control race car rally: Some remotes interfere with others. Have kids turn off the remotes when they are not racing. Another thing is address the issue of sportsmanship before you begin the race. Let kids know you won’t tolerate booing and name calling.
We had an all-around good time and plan to do it again next year!

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