"I Love Jesus" Free Printable Game for Children

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“I Love Jesus” Free Printable Game for Children
This game reminds children of things we can do to show our love for Jesus. Many activities are good things to do, but only certain ones especially show our love for Jesus. Because the game distinguishes between good actions and “best” actions, it is most appropriate for second graders and up. It can be played by 2 to 6 players or teams.
Remind the children that God’s love for us is based on Jesus — not our actions. However, we respond to this love with a life of repentance (i.e. making good choices that honor God). Being a good person will never “earn” God’s love, but it shows that God’s love has changed us from the inside out.
In this game, green check mark cards show good things to do, red heart cards depict actions that especially show our love for Jesus, and black X cards are things we shouldn’t ever do. The game board represents a day, which the players fill with good and “best” actions.
1. Print out a gameboard (PDF) for each player or team on cardstock or heavy paper.
2. Print out a two-page set of  game cards (PDF) for each two players or teams – 1 set for 2 players, 2 sets for 3 or 4 players, 3 sets for 5 to 6 players – on cardstock or heavy paper.
3. Cut the game cards apart, shuffle them, and place them face down.
4. When it is your turn, draw a card.

  • If it is a black X card, it can’t be played and should be placed on a discard pile.
  • If it is a green check mark card, it can be placed on any green check mark square on the board.
  • If it is a red heart card, it can be placed on any red heart square on the board. (If all the red heart squares are covered, you may place a red heart card on a green check mark square, but not vice versa.)

5. The first player to cover all nine squares wins the game.
“I Love Jesus” Free Printable Game for Children
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