Awesome Kids Worship Songs on CD

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Worship Songs for Kids Promote Christian Growth

I am always looking for ways to help kids grow spiritually apart from formal instruction times.  In my experience, solid kids worship music is one easy way to make that happen. That is why I’m excited about all the great resources available for children today.
When kids really enjoy a worship CD, that music becomes the default soundtrack for their daily lives. Their minds and hearts are filled with God-focus worship lyrics. This residual effect of music can be a powerful influence on a child’s attitude. Kids worship songs can encourage love for God and Christian growth.
Not all children’s worship music is created equal. It is impossible (and undesirable) to wall kids away from the music genre of their generation. Children today are very sophisticated in their music tastes and kids worship music of previous decades does not capture their imagination. This is a real issue for many middle and upper elementary students.
All this is why I’m excited about this giveaway from God’s Kids Worship.  They have sent me two copies of their “God’s Kids Worship Modern CD 3-Pack.”  Their music includes best-known worship songs plus brand new, made-for-kids songs that help them to “own” their praise.  All the songs are sung by kids and the music is arranged to fit the vocal range of children.

What Do You Think?

This contest has now ended. Thanks to all who left their thoughts about the music.
Check out the music samples from their website and then leave me a comment with your first impressions. Did you like the sound of the music? Can you image kids in your life enjoying it? I will randomly draw 2 winners from the comments below on Tuesday 25 May 2010. Comments may take a few hours to appear if this is your first time to leave a comment. I will only be able to ship to the US on this giveaway.

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