10 Tips for Mobile Children's Ministry

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*Written by Amy Van Putten from North Point Church in Plainwell, MI.
Mobile Children's Ministry
Are you someone who does not have a permanent church building? I have been unloading and reloading a trailer and running a ministry out of Rubbermaid tubs for 5 years. Mobile ministry has its challenges but if it’s what God has called you to do, it’s what you do.

10 Tips for Mobile Ministry

Below are a few things I have learned over the years. I hope any one of them helps and blesses you in some way. Please leave a comment to share your own insights about this type of ministry.

  1. Stick with the basics for supplies and materials. You’ll be amazed how much you can do without a lot of stuff.
  2. Be organized. Take inventory of what you do have so you’re not buying duplicate items b/c you can’t remember if it’s something you already have, or how much. Your things are packed in a trailer – you can’t go check!
  3. Color code your tubs by area of ministry (nursery, classrooms, etc…) so those unloading your things know where they go.
  4. Do not buy expensive furnishings or equipment. Being bumped around in a trailer weekly as well as being handled weekly causes your things to take quite the beating and have quicker wear and tear.
  5. Buy collapsible tables and fold up chairs for the little ones. Fold up camping chairs work great for adults.
  6. Ask for help. Many people do not realize how much work setting up church and a ministry is. By asking just once, they will understand and be more likely to continue helping in the future.
  7. In going along with #5, be patient with others. Like I said, they don’t understand how much work it really is.
  8. Be careful to not take advantage of your family. Ministry is a family thing in my house but they deserve a break just like anyone else.
  9. Starting to get frustrated and impatient waiting for a permanent home? Remember, God sees all your efforts and will bless you richly for it.
  10. Remember that because of all your hard work, children are coming to learn about Jesus and have a relationship with Him. That is the best motivation there is!

Share Your Ideas

If you serve in a mobile children’s ministry, we would love to hear your idea. Just leave a comment sharing what you’ve learned along the way. What advice would you give someone just starting this adventure?

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