"Not So Angry Birds" Games for Kids Church

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Object Lesson on Controling Anger Who knew a free iPhone app could boost the attendance in my kids’ church? Thanks to some inspiration from the popular Angry Birds game, we just wrapped up a month of Not-So Angry Birds in kids’ church. Along with lessons on anger, revenge and unity, we had plenty of fun along the way too.
Before the month was over, we had doubled our attendance and now look forward to moving into a spring revival in the ministry. A few party supplies, a good Bible study and some of these Not So Angry Birds games are all you need to create some excitement in your ministry. We used all of these games but we stretched them out over a month. You could use just one or all three!
Life Size Not-So Angry Birds Game: During the ministry month, we collected cardboard boxes. We sent out bulletins asking for big, small and little boxes. I rewarded kids that brought boxes with extra Bible Bucks. (That’s part of our behavior incentive program.) At the end of the month, my volunteers and I met early to create a wall of boxes. We set the boxes about two feet from the wall of the gym arranging them to look like a typical Angry Birds game. Kids came in and lined up for their turn at the kickball. Kids kicked at the boxes, each taking a turn until the wall was demolished. We played the Angry Birds theme music in the background and it was hilarious. For fun, we taped pictures of the Angry Birds Pigs on the boxes. Kids had a blast!
Save the Eggs: For this game, you need two sand pails; I choose one red and one green, two slingshots and ping-pong balls. I taped two X’s on the floor close to one another. I then taped a start line about 10 feet away. Kids stood on the line and popped the ping-pong balls into the buckets. A volunteer taped the face of Angry Bird on the red one and a Pig on the green one. Whoever got the most ping-pong balls (eggs) in the bucket in one minute won the contest. To involve more kids we made it a best five out of seven game.
Rolling for Pigs: I spray painted six empty coffee cans (soup cans would work too) with green spray paint. I used craft paint to paint Pig faces on the cans. While those dried, I painted an Angry Birds face on a red rubber ball. We set up the cans and kids rolled away knocking over the pigs. What a great activity for our Not-So Angry Birds event.

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