Olympic-Inspired Games for the Classroom

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Olympic-Inspired Games for the Classroom
If you are looking for an exciting theme for children’s church this winter you can’t go wrong with an Olympic theme. Using an identifiable theme is a fun way to integrate lessons games and crafts into a comprehensive unit. Teachers know that reinforcing the lesson with games and activities is a great way to help kids remember what they have learned. Many party stores carry Olympic themed decorations or you can make your own. Get the fun started right here with these Olympic-Inspired games for your classroom.
All of these game ideas require a start and finish line. (Contractors tape is perfect for a temporary line on carpet.)
Crab walk racing: Racing activities are synonymous with the Olympics; however, sometimes a frantic race can lead to injuries. If you’re looking for a safe racing game, you can’t beat the crab walk! Choose an even number of children to participate in the crab race. Divide the kids into two groups and place them all at the starting line. For a crab walk, kids sit on the floor and then raise their bottoms off the floor, “walking” with their hands and feet, like a crab! When you give a whistle or play the music, the first crabs in the line walk across the finish line then come back and high five the next person in line. This continues until one team has crossed the finish line!
Olympic ring toss: You’ll need three to five hula hoops and enough bean bags to ring each hoop. Place the hoops on the floor near the finish line and instruct the kids to line up at the start line. They must toss the bean bags into the hoops. The object of this Olympic game is toss one bean bag into each hoop. Award winners an prize!
Shoebox slalom: This game works best on carpet and you will need adults to walk beside kids as they slalom across the track, just in case someone takes a tumble. You need four shoeboxes for this wacky Olympic game. Kids should step into the shoeboxes and slalom (that’s slide) across the carpet to the finish line. Once they reach the finish line, they step out of the boxes, pick them and run them the boxes back to the finish line so the next member of their team can repeat the process. The game continues until one team wins!
Pair these games with a lesson on running the race or wearing the victor’s crown. The kids will love it!

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