OMC Game: Bring Camp Fun to Your Church

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OMC game chloeTonight we played the OMC game to mark the end of our Spring session of kids ministry programs. It was a blast, even with only 30 children playing.
OMC stands for Organized Mass Choas. It’s a game developed by the CentriKid camps and published by LifeWay. Here’s how it works:

  • Set everything up in a large outdoor space. You’ll need water balloons, pool noodles, shaving cream, and other random outside items.
  • Divide the kids into any number of teams.
  • Each child draws a task card. Often these require silly or messy activities. When they complete it they get another.
  • When the time is complete, the team with the most completed cards wins.

The whole system of the game is brilliant. We’ve played it at camp several times, but this was our first attempt to bring the fun back to our regular church group.  I’ve had a free copy from LifeWay waiting for this end-of-year field day.

The starter kit form LifeWay includes printable directions, a shopping list, and DVD with directions. You also get several hundreds of the game cards. With just about an hour of planning, I was able to create an insanely fun experience for our children’s ministry.
This would be a perfect “old-clothes” day activity for VBS. The larger your group the better, but I think it could work with groups as small as 10. But that might require you to remove task cards that involve multiple players.
You can read more about the game on the CentriKid blog. If you’ve ever tried it, we would love to hear your reaction too. Just leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “OMC Game: Bring Camp Fun to Your Church”

  1. Hi, Omc is no longer being sold by lifeway and there are no copies of the game left. I do a lot of recreation with my church kids and I am also the pe teacher at my school and I think it would be great addition. Please help!

  2. Hi! We’ve played this at our church a few times and loved it!! I cannot locate the task cards original to copy. The website that this site directs you to does not work anymore. Help!! Is there anyway I could get a copy of the cards? thanks so much!-Kim

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