Owl Bulletin Board Ideas

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owl-cartoonCute and whimsical owls are big in the teaching world right now and they make sweet characters for a bulletin board. Dress up a small or large bulletin board and place all your announcements where everyone can see them.
Kids and parents will love stopping by your owl-inspired bulletin board each and every week. You’ll need some supplies like colorful paper, staples and a little time to make these boards perfect.
We give a hoot!
Cover the board with a dark blue gift wrapping paper. Cut out large owls and small ones from different colored paper. Put the large owls at the top of the board and write your name and your volunteer’s name on the owls. Cut out and staple up “We give a hoot!” on the board. Kids will get a chance to see who’s working in the classroom for the month.
Look who’s special!
This is great idea if you have the same core group each week. Create out one owl for each child. Write a one child’s name on each owl and staple them to the board. Write the words “Look who’s special!” on the board, too. Add new children as they visit your class.
Whoo do you believe?
There’s a great verse that says, “Who’s report do you believe?” It makes a great verse for a lesson about believing God. Cover a small bulletin board with any paper you like. You’ll need to post a brown tree branch using paper. Cut out a large owl to place on the branch. Write the verse on the branch!
Whooo loves God?
We do! We do! Put “Whoo loves God?” at the top of the board. Post little owls under the words. Each little own should represent the kids in your church. Kids will love seeing their name posted on this cool bulletin board.
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