Story Time with Jesus: Lesson Eight (Luke 10:25-37)

This lesson is the eighth in a nine part study for children on the parables of Jesus. For related ideas, search our website for “Parables of Jesus.” Lesson Eight: The Story of the Good Neighbor Main idea: Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven show sacrificial kindness and mercy to everyone, including their enemies. Teacher preparation: Read Scripture references, John 15:12-17, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

"Learn about Worship Leaders" Bible Worksheet

Learn about priests and Levites in the Old Testament and pastors and deacons in the New Testament – their duties and how they were chosen. Click here to download This is part of a series of worksheets called “Learn About…” which interpret Bible topics on an elementary school level. Bibles and pencils are needed for each worksheet. These are recommended … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Worksheet: Learn about Prophets

This worksheet classifies several Old Testament prophets by time period and type of prophecy. Some familiar quotations from the prophets are listed. Finally, John the Baptist is mentioned as a New Testament prophet. Click here to download as a print-friendly PDF document. This is part of a series of worksheets called “Learn About…” which interpret Bible topics on an elementary … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Free Worksheets for Bible Divisions Review

This page link to our series of Bible worksheets for each major section in the Scriptures. These are ideal for children learn more about God’s Word in a homeschool or Christian school setting. You can also use them for review and deeper teaching in Sunday School class. For each division, there are two pages with learning activities. Click on the … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Work in Homeschooling

Bible study is so important in our daily lives. If we want to get to know our Creator, we have to read His book. We also want our children to read their Bible so that they can grow in their relationship with the Lord. For children who go to public school, this has to be a separate time from their … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Peter and Cornelius Sunday School Lesson

This lesson is taken from the story of God revealing to Cornelius a Gentile and to Peter a Jew, His plan to remove barriers that separated Jews and Gentiles.  Students will learn how God began to guide Peter to understand His plan to allow Gentiles to receive salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.  Even though Peter doesn’t fully understand he … More Children’s Ministry Resources

KJV Sunday School Lessons

At my church, we use a variety of Bible Translations. But I am constantly getting emails from readers who need Sunday School Lesson only in the KJV. One easy solution is to edit our free lessons and simply use the King James Version. Most of the content would only require an easy change of wording and you can have hundreds … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Lesson: Elijah Confronts Ahab

This lesson plan is based on the story where Elijah confronts Ahab in 1 Kings. It was originally written for an upper elementary Sunday School class. It could be modified for younger children or children’s church, especially using the list of related resources at the end of this post. These include links to crafts, worksheets, and supplemental lesson plans about … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Sunday School Crafts

Are you looking for a craft idea for your Sunday school lesson? Do you need just the right idea to supplement your Bible lesson? Check out these popular websites that provide Sunday school craft projects. Some are free, and some require a membership. Do you know of another website that features Sunday school crafts? If so, let me know in … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Teach the Ten Commandments to Kids

Children can learn the 10 Commandments. Our free resources will help you explain God’s Law to even the youngest kids. Ten Commandments Song Kids’ Bible Study on the Ten Commandments Compare Translations Ten Commandments Coloring Book Learning Activities on the Ten Commandment Children’s version of the Ten Commandments Teaching the Ten Commandments with Hand Motions We absolutely love teaching Bible … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Bible Coloring Pages for Kids

Bible Coloring Pages

Enjoy over 450 free Bible coloring pages. Use the download links to print in PDF format or purchase a Bible coloring book bundle. This page lists our free, downloadable Bible coloring pages that can be used for Christian children’s ministry, including Sunday School and homeschooling. The coloring pages depict stories and themes from the Bible, making them an excellent resource … More Children’s Ministry Resources