Paper Airplane Object Lesson

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Paper Airplane
Use this simple & fun object lesson to teach kids about being made in the image of God. It could also serve as a children’s sermon or the framework for a full Bible lesson.

So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 NIV

SAY: It’s really big deal to be made “in the image of God.” One cool part is that we can make new things. God is the creator, so being like him makes us creative. Watch this, I can make something really wonderful from this simple piece of paper.
Being to fold the paper without telling what you will make. The kids might begin to guess, but say “shhh … let’s keep what this is going to be a secret until I’m done.” When done hold up the paper airplane for the children to see.
SAY: Because we’re made in God’s image we can make some amazing things. This is just a little paper airplane, but some of you will grow up to make much bigger things. You might build houses, you might start a new restaurant, you might write a book … there are so many different ways to be creative. All of this reminds us about God’s glory, because when we make things it shows what God is like.
Close in prayer, thanking God for making us to be like Him.

>>>> Optional Activities <<<<

To expand this simple object lesson, pick from the following list of suggestions. You can also leave a comment to share your ideas with other readers.
Bible Memory: Work with the children to memorize Genesis 1:27. For maximum impact, use our creative Bible memory methods.
Make Airplanes: Teach the children to make their own paper airplane. This can be challenging for a large group or with younger children. Here is how I made it work in my children’s church.

  • Instruct the children that we all have to work each step together. So after they complete each step they should place their hands on their head to show they are ready to continue. Demonstrate each step as the children attempt the same with their piece of paper. Have a few older children or adult volunteers walk around to check & correct each child’s work.
  • Once the airplanes are finished, insist that they hold their airplanes until you give them the signal. Have all the children sit at one end of the room. Call one child at a time to stand and test their airplane. I used this time to encourage each child and fix any of the airplanes that did not fly.
  • After the test flights, distribute washable markers for the children to decorate their work. This step extends the object lesson. SAY: God doesn’t just make things that work, he makes beautiful things. Let’s be like God and decorate what we’ve created.

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